Foundations of Systems Engineering And PPPM

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Weekly Portfolio Learning TableDescription of topics including reading samplesLearning outcomes of the courseLearning from your experience, this and prior unit reading, assignmentsSupporting documentation including your prior learningPart 2: Foundations of Systems Engineering - 'Knowledge Area: Systems Fundamentals';Part 2: Foundations of Systems Engineering - 'Knowledge Area: Systems Science';Part 2: Foundations of Systems Engineering - 'Knowledge Area: Systems Thinking';Part 2: Foundations of Systems 1.Definition of system and understanding system complexities.2.Models and concepts of system representation.3.Assessment of risks in system and PPPM.A collaboration of different mattersaltogether to fulfil a common purpose. Ican classify engineering systems intohardware, software, services and others. Different complexities like structural,dynamic and socio-politicalcomplexities can affect a system. Thesecomplexities tell me the relationshipsand elements of the system.I can build a concept of system thinkingbased following some steps likeregularity, behaviour to survive, controlbehaviour and functions, hierarchy,complexity and disclosure.A system model is the simplifiedrepresentation of concepts that makes aclear realisation of a system. Obtaining asystem model makes a system moreconcrete, elevates its quality andproductivity and makes pathway forKerzner, H., 2013.Project management: asystems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. John Wiley & Sons.Boehm, B., Pyster, A. and Olwell, D., 2013, June. Clarifying the Context of SE for the SEBoK. InINCOSE International Symposium(Vol. 23, No. 1, pp. 1021-1033).1 of 3

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