Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) : Assignment

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Car Database1Assessment -2 Car DatabaseSubmitted ByCourseProfessorDate
Car Database2IntroductionMethodically organized archive of indexed data (normally that is a group of related data values)that allows recovery, updating, analysis, as well as output of the data. This data can be of typedesigns, reports, contents, tables, its content, etc. representing practically each type ofinformation. Each system applications (that includes antivirus software, spreadsheets, and word-processors) are databases at their center. (http://www.businessdictionary.com, 2017). According to given scenario, Drive2Impress is a private venture that offers cars in Canberra.Drive2Impress can get cars from a few distinct providers. Drive2Impress keeps its cars in a fewshowrooms over the city. At this stage clients can't see the accessible cars online so to arrangethey should visit one of the showrooms. Clients call Drive2Impress to organize a visit beforethey go to a showroom. Drive2Impress has been uses an Excel software to track their businessexercises; and this has caused numerous redundancies and inefficiency. In order to increase theirbusiness and for the new management, they decided to research the choice of actualizing adatabase framework. Being a database admin, my duty is to design the Drive2Impress databasestructure.Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)An entity relationship diagram, which is also known as an entity relationship (ER) outline, is thegraphical portrayal of entities and how they are connected with each other, is also used as thepart of figuring as to the connection of information that is stored in databases or dataframeworks. It is a bit of data or idea about which we can say that data is stored. (Beal, V.,2017).

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