Managing People Value Assignment

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Assessment paper- 2Managing People ValueIntroductionThis report evaluates and analyzes leaders or a person in a position of influence in thehealthcare sector worked before and how their motivational skills or techniques havehad an influence on fellow medical staff and other employees in the health facility.Motivation refers to the set of factors or actions that influence the people to behave oract in particular desired manner. Motivation factors are both external and internalfactors and they contribute towards the attainment of a pre-determined goal orobjective1. This task discusses the motivation methods and techniques used by adoctor who was in charge of a clinic I worked in for11 months. The clinic was locatedin a town area in India. I liked to share my previous experience. There were verymany challenges that faced the health workers who worked in this clinic and thisregion and general. The Doctor was very experienced and despite the challenges inthe shortage of staff and poor infrastructure, the employees were able to achieveextraordinary targets and to provide medical services to the public effectively andefficiently. This task describes the importance and significance of motivationalmethods in the healthcare sector and how application of these methods helps inmeeting the objectives of the organization.Human resources are very vital in the provision of high quality and efficient healthcare services. They help in making the health care system of a country or regioneffective and hence improving the quality of health care2. Due to this reason, there is avery great need to motivate the healthcare workers so as to help them in meeting theirpersonal and organizational objective. In the healthcare service provision, motivationis defined as the degree of willingness of an individual to exert and maintain an efforttowards achieving the goals and objectives of the health care organization orinstitution in which they are working.1.Jaidyn Mcreynolds,Motivational Theories & Psychology(New Delhi: WorldTechnologies, 2012).2.Lewis R Aiken,Attitudes And Related Psychosocial Constructs(Thousand Oaks:Sage Publications, 2002).
Motivation is closely linked to job satisfaction which helps to retain workers at theirjob for a long period of time. Health workers retention helps to significantly reducethe costs if having to recruit, hire, and train new employees.Highly motivated employees reduce the likelihood of changes in job positions ororganizations3. This helps a healthcare organization or institution to maintainemployees who are highly experienced and hence offer high- quality services to thepublic4.The doctor in charge of the healthcare facility that I worked in for11 months wasexcellent in motivating his staff. The healthcare facility faced many challengescompared to the other healthcare facilities in the region5. The doctor came up withincentive and reward schemes which motivated workers to stay focused and to worktowards the attainment of the goals and objectives of the health facility. The healthfacility was had about eight healthcare workers and was expected to serve more than5,000 people who depended on it to get medical services. The doctor who was incharge of the facility came up with methods that were it helped to keep employeesmotivate all the time despite the tough working conditions experienced.63.Barbra Teater,An Introduction To Applying Social Work Theories And Methods(Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill Education, 2014).4.Helen Mentha, "Motivational Dialogue: Preparing Addiction Professionals ForMotivational Interviewing Practice",Drug and Alcohol Review27, no. 5 (2008): 574-575.5.Rachel Johnson, "Motivational Interviewing With Adolescents And Young Adults",Motivational Interviewing: Training, Research, Implementation, Practice1, no. 2(2013): 20.6.William R. Miller, PhD, "Motivational Interviewing And Social Justice",Motivational Interviewing: Training, Research, Implementation, Practice1, no. 2(2013).
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