ICT60215 Assignment on Advanced Diploma of Network Security

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ASSESSMENT RECORD / FEEDBACK SHEETCourse:ICT60215 Advanced Diploma of Network SecurityName:Student ID:Unit Name and Code:CPPSEC5004A Prepare security risk managementplanCPPSEC5005A Implement security risk managementAssessment Task Number and Title: #3 Report (Holistic)Date Submitted:Trainer’s Name:All assessments must be in a neat and readable format.Students are required to retain a duplicate of any assignment submitted,both written & disk copy.Please refer to the Student Handbook for the Assessment Policy.Plagiarism is an academic misconduct and is unacceptable to Pacific Collegeof Technology.I certify that the work submitted is my own. I have acknowledgedmaterial taken from websites, textbooks and articles.Student Signature:Date:FEEDBACKSigned (Trainer/Assessor)Date:Feedback provided by the trainerDate:Please retain this as proof of submissionUnit name:Assignment No:Received By:Date:DS-SC-02/17 R-CPPSEC5004A+CPPSEC5005A V2.0RTO Provider Code: 91151CRICOS Provider Code: 02668FPage1of6To be completed by TrainerCompetentNot yet competentto be
Course: ICT60215 Advanced Diploma of NetworkSecurityUnit Code and Name: CPPSEC5004A Prepare security riskmanagement plan & CPPSEC5005A Implement securityrisk managementTrainer/Assessor:Assessment item:#3-Report (Holistic)Due date:Week 6 (Extension upon trainer’s approval only)Context and Purpose of the assessment:This assessment will assess your skills and knowledge in the area ofCPPSEC5004A Prepare security risk management plan’ andCPPSEC5005A Implement security risk management plan’ unit.This assessment activity deals with the following elements ofperformance and critical aspects of evidence:TaskElementPerformance CriteriaCPPSEC5004A Prepare security risk management plan13, 43.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4CPPSEC5005A Implementation security risk managnent21, 2, 31.2, 1.5, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5oThe assessment tasks for the unit assume that you will work in theInformation Technology industry. Case studies/ exercises used in thisassessment reflect a workplace scenario.oThe student must have access to a Computer, Printer and MicrosoftOffice Suite Applications for doing the assessment for this unit.oIf you are not sure about any aspect of this assessment, please ask forclarification from your assessor. If the assessment is not satisfactory,the trainer will allow one more attempt to the assessment item.oThe responses to assessment questions should be in your own wordsand examples from workplace should be used wherever possible.DS-SC-02/17 R-CPPSEC5004A+CPPSEC5005A V2.0RTO Provider Code: 91151CRICOS Provider Code: 02668FPage2of6
REPORTScenario 1An event manager operating her own business in a regional area is contractedby a local council to assist in the management of a children’s fair to be held inconjunction with the annual agricultural show.The event manager organises a site assessment of the facility planned for thefair. A number of hazards and other general issues are identified, including thesite’s proximity to a busy road, absence of convenience facilities, a faultydrinking fountain and a damaged fence bordering a residential property next tothe facility. The event manager, in conjunction with the council, develops atreatment plan that demonstrates how and when the identified risks will beaddressed, the resources required and who will be responsible for ensuring thestrategy is implemented. The treatment plan also identifies the need for asubsequent site assessment to ensure that the identified risks have beensuccessfully controlled to a level deemed appropriate by the organizingcommittee.DiscussionThe risk treatment plan provides confidence to the council that there is aplanned approach to addressing the identified risks. The document can also beused as a level of control and source of information when making decisionsabout signing off on resource allocation or approvals.Task:Develop risk management plan for the organization in the scenario usingthe template below.Risk management plan – part 1 (contextual information)Brief description ofactivityFirst we need to understand the back ground of the place and what arethe options that are available for the resources to be accessible veryeasily. if all the resources for the events are available near we can saythat the place is ready to handle any un predicable events that they mayoccur during the events.Reason for activity ortaskThe infrastructure of the fair is not up to the mark .people who areattending the fair will feel discomfort able.Objectives of RMPThe objective of the recovery management plan is to run the fairsmoothly with no interruptionsSignificance/importanceof activityImportance of the Activities are to keep track of the proceeding of thefair so that every aspect of the fair will be covered and no disturbancewill happenDS-SC-02/17 R-CPPSEC5004A+CPPSEC5005A V2.0RTO Provider Code: 91151CRICOS Provider Code: 02668FPage3of6
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