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Assessment Summary Cover Sheet

Added on - 08 Dec 2020

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ASSESSMENT SUMMARY / COVER SHEETThis form is to be completed by the assessor and used as a final record of studentcompetency.All student submissions including any associated checklists are to be attached to thiscover sheet before placing on the students file.Student results are not to be entered onto the Student Management Database unlessall relevant paperwork is completed and attached to this form.Unit Title:Manage meetingsPlease attach the following documentation to thisformResultS = SatisfactoryNS = NotSatisfactoryNA = NotAssessedReassessmentS = SatisfactoryNS = NotSatisfactoryNA = NotAssessedAssessment Task1rPrepare for meetingsS | NS |NAS | NS |NAAssessment Task2rConduct meetingsS | NS |NAS | NS |NAAssessment Task3rManage meetingsS | NS |NAS | NS |NAFinal Assessment Result for this unitC / NYCAssessor Comments and Feedback to student:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Choice Business CollegePage1of72RTO 41297 | CRICOS 03444CJune 2018version: 3.0
Student Declaration:I declare that thisassessment is my own work based onpersonal study and research and notplagiarised or copied from another student’swork or source.I am also aware of my appeal rights.Name:____________________________Signature:____________________________Date:____/_____/_____Assessor Declaration:I declare that I haveconducted a fair, valid, reliable and flexibleassessment with this student. I haveprovided appropriate feedback and advisedthe student of their result.Name:____________________________Signature:____________________________Date:____/_____/_____Entered onto Student ManagementDatabase________________DateInitialsAdministrative use onlyChoice Business CollegePage2of72RTO 41297 | CRICOS 03444CJune 2018version: 3.0
Assessment Task 1BSBADM502 Manage meetings1.Prepare for meetingsdetailsThe assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations tothis arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications belowfor details.Performance objectiveThe candidate will demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare for ameeting in accordance with organisational requirementsAssessment descriptionStudents are required to prepare a portfolio of documents for a meeting to beconducted in a simulated workplace. Students are NOT required to conduct meetingfor this assessment, as conducting meeting criteria for this unit is going to be achievedin a separate assessment title 'Role Play'. In this assessment students are expected togenerate a portfolio of documents required while preparing for meetings.Procedure1.Review Appendix 1 ‘Assessment Task 1 submission form’ and use thisdocument to complete this assessment.2.Choose one of the following meetings to conduct in a simulated workplace.a.Agree on a business retreat destination from the following list.a.i.New Zealanda.ii.Fijia.iii.Melbourne.b.Develop a fire evacuation plan and procedure for a simulated business.c.Agree on a cleaning procedure for a simulated business.3.Determine the meeting requirements for your meeting by completing the‘Meeting requirements questionnaire’ included in Appendix 2.4.Develop a meeting agenda using templates provided in Appendix 3. If you wish,you can use any other template as long as it meets the agenda requirements.5.Identify meeting participants and detail the reason/s they should attend themeeting.Choice Business CollegePage3of72RTO 41297 | CRICOS 03444CDec 2017version: 2.0
Assessment Task 1BSBADM502 Manage meetings6.Identify the format of your meeting and explain why you have chosen thisformat.7.Develop an invitation to notify participants of your meeting and explain theformat of your invitation and why you chose this format. Use this invitation tonotify participants of your meeting.8.Prepare required meeting papers. You must identify at least one meeting paperrequired for your meeting.9.Develop and implement an action plan (Appendix 4: Meeting preparation actionplan) detailing the tasks required to make the meeting arrangements and who isresponsible for completing those tasks by when.SpecificationsThe following is a list of items you must submit to your facilitator/assessor.Complete Appendix 1 ‘Assessment Task 1 submission form’ and submit to yourassessor.Submit a completed ‘Meeting requirements questionnaire’ included in Appendix2.Submit your meeting agenda templates provided in Appendix 3.Submit your action plan using a template ‘Meeting preparation action plan’supplied in Appendix 4.Submit a copy of the invitation you used to notify participants of your meeting.Submit a copy of the required meeting paper/s.Submit a copy of your completed action plan for making the meetingarrangements.Your assessor will be looking for the following items to be covered.All sections of Appendix 1 ‘Assessment Task 1 submission form’ are completedusing clear and concise language.Identification of the following meeting requirements.datetimedurationmeeting purposebudgetmeeting host or chair personmeeting speakersChoice Business CollegePage4of72RTO 41297 | CRICOS 03444CDec 2017version: 2.0
Assessment Task 1BSBADM502 Manage meetingsagendaparticipants (internal and external)special needs of participantslocation preferencesseating arrangements – theatre style, table and chairspre-reading materials for attendeesdocumentation requirements for the meetingequipment required for the meeting, e.g. video/data projector, microphone,whiteboardteleconferencing or videoconferencing requirements and equipmentcatering.The meeting agenda details:date, time and location of meetingstatement of the meetings purposewelcomingminutes of the previous meetingmajor agenda itemsgeneral businessdate of next meeting.The meeting format is appropriate for the purpose of the meeting and will assistwith achieving the goals of the meeting.The meeting invitation includes the following information.start timeend timedatelocationRSVP date if applicablewho is attendingpurpose of meetingagendapre-reading requirementstravel and accommodation details if applicableteleconference details if applicable.Choice Business CollegePage5of72RTO 41297 | CRICOS 03444CDec 2017version: 2.0
Assessment Task 1BSBADM502 Manage meetingsThe format used to the send the invitation to participants is appropriate.Meeting papers are relevant to the purpose of the meeting and contributes to theachievement of the meeting goals.The action plan developed to make the meeting arrangements (Appendix 4‘Meeting preparation action plan’) details all the tasks that are to be completed,who is responsible for completing the task and when the task is due to becompleted by.Demonstration of an understanding of effective delegation skills whendeveloping and implementing the action plan by:delegating tasks to multiple peopleclear definition of task and timeframetasks completed as required by the person they were delegated toaction plan goals achievedAdjustment for distance-based learnersNo variation of the task is required.Documentation can be submitted electronically or posted in the mail.Choice Business CollegePage6of72RTO 41297 | CRICOS 03444CDec 2017version: 2.0
Assessment Task 1BSBADM502 Manage meetingsAppendix 1 – Assessment task 1 submission formStudent name:Meeting name:Team Building MeetingMeeting purposeThe purpose of meeting is to build team strengths,relationships and corporate culture.Participant nameReason for participationOliver SmithDeveloping communicationWilliam HaydenTo build trust in organizationJack JonasTo Know each team membersThomas WarnerTo maintain healthy relationship with peersIssac CumminsTo socialize team workNoah JonesTo enhance corporate cultureBenjamin SmithTo improve employee participationCooper WeberTo enhance productivityJackson PaineTo promote positive environmentAidnev MichaelTo produce quality resultsPatrick CharlesTo enhance information sharingLuke AustinTo elevate inner confidenceChoice Business CollegePage7of72RTO 41297 | CRICOS 03444CDec 2017version: 2.0
Assessment Task 1BSBADM502 Manage meetingsMeeting formatWhat format have you chosen for this meeting and why?Open space format have been chosen for the meeting. It is undertaken to makeparticipants involve in the valuable discussions for enhancing corporate culture andexpress their views freely. The participants will be able to provide their views ineffective manner and with the help of open space format for this meeting, businesswill be able to develop healthy corporate culture and team building may bestructured in a better manner. On the other hand, corporate culture will be enhancedand through valuable discussion from employees, Telstra may effectively conductmeeting with the help of this format.InvitationWhat format did you use for your invitation and why did you choose this format?The format chosen is creating a word file and send the same through email toparticipants. It has been chosen as it is time-saving option and cost-effective as well.The format of invitation is listed down below-Topic: TeamBuildingMeetingParticipants: Employees ofTelstra marketing teamDate – 28/02/2019Location - MelbourneMeeting Objectives:Reflect upon leadership values of employees.Developing team building in company for enhancing corporate cultureIncreasing participation of employees in decision-making delegated tothem.TimeMinutesActivityPresented By9.00 – 9.10AMFor 10 minutes1.Maintaining workqualityJoe9.10 – 9.20AMFor 10 minutes2.Negotiating projectSmithChoice Business CollegePage8of72RTO 41297 | CRICOS 03444CDec 2017version: 2.0
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