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Assessment task:Refer to theAccor Annual Report 2013.Critiquethe report and discussthe following:Environmental management of Accor withregards toa)Procurement (pp. 60-63)b)Energy management (pp. 70-73)c)Transportation (pp 73)d)Waste management (pp 79-81) (25 marks)What are the implications for a facilitiesmanager and the main issues related to spaceplanning in the types of hotel that Accormanages (pp.204) (25 marks)Discuss how the adequacy of technologicalplatforms should be assessed and suggesttechnological platforms for the construction ofnew hotels (25 marks)Evaluate the expenditure on renovation andmaintenance (pp.266), and on development(pp. 267). Support your arguments based on:Figures for property, plant and equipment(pp. 232,233)Benchmark any other information that youconsider useful for your evaluation. (25marks)
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