Assessment Workbook for BSBMKG528

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Assessment WorkbookBSBMKG528Mine Data to Identify Industry Directions
1.Assessment InformationWelcome to your Student Assessment Workbook forBSBMKG528 Mine Data to Identify IndustryDirections.This Workbook is where you will write all your responses for the knowledge questions and simulation tasks.Please refer to the Student Assessment Guide for more information.This assessment has the following two events:To complete the Simulation, you will need to refer to the following resources:Please note that your responses for both assessment events can (where appropriate) use dot point format. Seebelow for an example of a dot point response and a full sentence response:To Achieve CompetenceTo be deemed competent for this unit, you will need to meet the following requirements:complete all of the questions and tasks listed in this Student Assessment Workbookmeet all the requirements listed in the Student Assessment Guideyour responses to the questions and tasks must be relevant, accurate and specificAssessment Event 1 – Knowledge QuestionsThere are five questionsthat will provide us with the evidence of your general knowledge of the currentdata mining concepts, applications, tools, practices, and the regulatory context within the marketingindustry field.Assessment Event 2 – Simulation: Momentum CollegeYou will complete a number of tasks in developing and presenting a well-structured data analysis report.These tasks will be based on your role of a Market Analyst in a simulation for a digital marketing agency,DigiGeek, where you will be assisting a new client, Momentum College, an Australian registered trainingorganisation (RTO) that offers nationally accredited courses seeking to expand its business.Data Mining Policy andProceduresDigiGeek’s policy and procedures for data mining. You will abide theseorganisational requirements when performing data mining activities andproducing the required report in Assessment Event 2.Market AnalysisProject BriefDocument that provides background information about the agency DigiGeek,the client Momentum College, and other relevant information for the client’sdata mining requirements. You will conduct their data mining project on thebasis of the requirements specified in the Brief.Dot point formatPresentation Plan includes the following:outcomesneeds of the audiencecontext.Full sentence formatWhen you are preparing for a Presentation, there are a number of tasks that mustbe carried out. These are; listing the outcomes that you want to achieve, followedby the identification of the needs of your audience. When you have completedthese two tasks you then check on the room that you will be conducting thesimulation in etc.
submit your completed Student Assessment Workbook to your Assessor within the set timeframesyour work must be in your own wordswhere you use an external source of information, you must provide citation.2.Pre-assessment ChecklistYour assessor will go through the assessment for this unit,BSBMKG528 Mine Data to Identify IndustryDirections. It is important that you understand this assessment before taking on the questions and tasks. Toconfirm that you have been given this overview, we ask you to complete the following Pre-AssessmentChecklist.You are required to carefully read each checklist item provided below and tick either ‘Y’ to confirm yourunderstanding or ‘N’ if you disagree. In case you disagree with an item, please provide your reason underthe ‘Comments’ column.When you have done this, we ask you to sign this Pre-Assessment Checklist. This acknowledges that yourTrainer/Assessor has discussed all of the information with you prior to undertaking this assessment.
Pre – assessment ChecklistCommentsY NI, the student, understand the purpose of the assessment.YY NI understandwhen and where the assessment will occur, whowill assess and in what format the assessment will besubmitted.YY NI understand the methods of assessment.YY NI understand what resources are required to complete thisassessment.YY NI understand theperformance level required for eachassessment event.YY NI understand that it must be my own work. I have beenexplained and understand the serious consequences in case thiswork is found plagiarised.YY NI understand the process if I am deemed not yet competent.Y
3.Assessment Event 1 – Knowledge QuestionsThe information contained in this assessment event lists the questions that you will need to develop a writtenresponse. These questions are theoretical and provide evidence of your understanding of data miningconcepts and principles.Note you must answer these questions in your own words. Remember, you must get a satisfactory resultwith each question to be deemed satisfactory for the whole of Assessment Event 1.1.Question 1Using the table below, outline the various uses of data mining in the context of marketing communications.Write your response into the table below:2.Question 2Explain the terms 'data validity', 'reliability' and 'completion'.Write your response here:Data life cycle is termed as various stages of data unit which is considered from initial stage todeletion of data at end.The data life cycle management is important as with the increase in exploration ofbig data and development of internet on things. It is important for every organisation to adopt various dataprotection for increasing trust and satisfaction of service users. In case of given college, it is important forthis organisation to provide valid, reliable and accurate data for users so that they can get all authenticinformation regarding college. The concept of data validity, data reliability and data completion areexplained below -Data validity– This is termed as correctness and accuracy of data. The data collected from miningmust provide valid and correct data.The validation of data simply means how accurate data is. InUses of Data MiningExplanationCluster analysisThis gives an opportunity for identifying a single user target group inaccordance to similar features within database like education level, age,class, course, etc.Regression analysisThis helps in enabling to study habits, changes, customer satisfaction levelfor making marketing forecasts. This will help in analysing the marketeffectively.Classification analysisThis helps in allowing to classify various information that is received frompotential clients and customers while identifying patterns within a database.Intrusion detectionSystem security is the most important concept of an organisation so datamining is helpful in protecting data from various intruders.Fraud DetectionThis will be used in detecting any fraud within the organisation.There is requirement of perfect fraud detection system so thatdata available for customers is authentic and valid.
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