SITHFAB005 Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee

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Student HandoutAssessment Task 1 Written QuestioningUnit Code &Title:SITHFAB005 Prepare and serve espresso coffeeStudent Name:DUONG THI DONGStudent ID:20060080InstructionsThese instructions must be read in conjunction with the Unit Outline.Cheating and plagiarism is considered academic misconduct and willnot be tolerated at WAI. Refer to ‘Cheating, Plagiarism and Collusion’statement in the current ‘Student A to Z Guide’.This assessment activity requires you to answer a series of questions,in a written format, using the space provided for each question orstatement.Follow these instructions for the written assessment:Please write clearly and answer all sections. Use a pen.Assessments written in pencil will not be accepted. Please donot use white out on your assessments. If you need to makechanges cross out and initial the changes. If you are unsure ofany question please ask your trainer for clarification.Or you may type the assessment and submit a typed version.Context andconditions forassessmentThis may be completed in class or the LRCThis assessment needs to be completed and uploaded byweek 6Open book, Moodle videos, written resourceRefer to assessment conditions in the unit of competency andhow they applyReasonableadjustmentReasonable adjustmentfor an individual studentwill be made to meetthe needs and characteristics of the individual student. Your assessorwill refer tothe following WAI policies and procedures:Support for Students with a Diagnosed Disability PolicyDiversity, Access and Equity for Students Policy*Should you need to apply for Reasonable adjustment it should bediscussed in advance with your teacher to allow the assessor to makenecessary changes to documents and or information.Resources,equipment &materialsrequiredWAI Learning Materialsprepare and serve espresso resource workbookonline and e-learning program, videos prepare and serveespresso coffeeStored on MoodleDecisionmaking ruleStandardTo be assessed as satisfactory for this assessment activity, all 36questions must be completed and provide a competent level ofknowledge and correct responses.SITHFAB005 PREPARE AND SERVE ESPRESSO COFFEE Semester 1&2 Hospitality v2 21/2/2019 MCAIA
Reassessmentand assessmentappealsReassessment and appeal information is to be read in conjunctionwith the Unit Outline.If you do not complete every task successfully, then yourassessor will give you the opportunity to go over the incompleteor incorrect answers, for a 2ndattemptAssessment AppealsIf you wish to appeal an assessment decision you should initially talkwith the trainer/assessor and see if the situation can be resolved. Ifyou are not satisfied with the outcome you may then lodge a formalcomplaint.For further information refer to the:WAI Student Academic and Non-Academic GrievanceComplaints PolicyWAI Student Academic and Non-Academic GrievanceComplaints ProcedureSTUDENT DECLARATION(upon completion): I declare that no part of this assessmenthas been copied from any other person's work, except where due acknowledgment ismade in the text, and no part of this assessment has been written for me by any otherperson except where such collaboration has beenauthorisedby the assessor concerned.Student Signature: ________________________________ Date: ____/____/_______ResultSatisfactory/Not satisfactoryTrainer/Assessor Name:Assessor signature:Date:Assessor’s feedback/date for re-assessment if required:Assessment Task 1: Written AssessmentSITHFAB005 PREPARE AND SERVE ESPRESSO COFFEE Semester 1&2 Hospitality v2 21/2/2019 MCAIA
1.List 4hazardsfound when using an espresso machine.1)_____________Scalded and burned ______________________________________2)______________Slippery surfaces _______________________________________3)______________Electrical hazards ______________________________________4)______________Mechanical hazards ____________________________________2.Describe how you would prepare theespresso machineandcoffee grinderfor service.Espresso machine:______-ensure the machine has been opened before 20 minutes to reach pressure andtemperature_____________________________________________________________-_Check machine pressure gauge – 1–1.5 bar and check pump pressure – 8–9bar___________________________________________________________________________-_run water through each group head to out water and old coffeeovernight______________________________________________________________________-_make heat up the group handles by locking in group handlesmake a refresh the steam wands by opening and releasing steam for 30seconds__________________________________________________________________Coffee grinder_______________________________________________________________Ensure hopper and dosing chamber are cleaned____________.Fill the funnel with fresh coffeeCheck the grind and size of coffeeAdjust the grind if necessary________________________________________________________________3.What is the correctbrewing temperaturefor an espresso machine? ____88-92_______°C4.What is the correctpump pressurefor an espresso machine? ___8-9___________ bar5.What is the correctboiler pressurefor an espresso machine? ___1-1.5___________ bar6.How should youstorecoffee beans after opening the bag?______-____ It not only should be stored in a dry, cool, hermetic place but also avoidexposure to light and store near strong-smelling foods_._______________________________________________________________________-____ it can be stored in the freezer compartment after having been covered in azip bag or colored opaque glass jars.__________________________________________________________________7.List 3 ways you can ensure thecoffee beans and ground coffeeyou use arefresh?1)_______coffe beans are used within 10 day after opening _____________________2)_______grinded coffee must be used within 15-30 minutes after grinding_________3)________ After finishing, take coffee beans that are not used from the hopper and store in aSITHFAB005 PREPARE AND SERVE ESPRESSO COFFEE Semester 1&2 Hospitality v2 21/2/2019 MCAIA
sealed container _____________________________________________________8.Name the 2speciesof coffee tree that are grown commercially. List 2 characteristics foreach.Coffee species 1: __Arabica coffee________________________Characteristics: 1)_the beans are slightly rouder_ _ ______2)__color of beansfrom blue to green_________Coffee species 2: _Robusta__________________________Characteristics: 1)__the beans are rounder than Arabica_______2)_____color of beans from yellow to brown_____9.Name 2 coffee growingcountries___________Brazil__________________________________Vietnam_______________________10.When describing coffee beans, what doessingle originmean?________________ It means coffee beans are roasted from a type of coffee bean ________11.When describing coffee beans what doesblendmean?_______ It means coffee beans are mix from various roasted coffee ________________12.Describe how coffee beans forespresso coffeeare different from beans forplunger coffee.espresso:roast_slightly hotter_and for a longer period time___________ grind___the size of the ground coffee_____________________plunger:roast__lower final temperatue and for the shorter period of time _________ grind___the size of the ground coffee_____________________13.How doesgroundespresso coffeefeelbetween your fingers?__________flour when rubbed _____________________________________________14.Label the parts of the coffee grinder in the photographHopperSpindleGrinding collarDosing champerDosing leverSITHFAB005 PREPARE AND SERVE ESPRESSO COFFEE Semester 1&2 Hospitality v2 21/2/2019 MCAIA
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