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TASK 3.1 Question (II)
Emerging technologies
-3D Bioprinting
TASK 3.2 Question (a, b)
Building a high-end gaming pc
-Unit case
-Mother board
-Power Supply
-CPU Cooling
-Keyboard and mouse
-Hardware prices
-Motherboard layout
-Motherboard layout contents

TASK 3.1 Q (II)
In today’s world technology plays an important role in human life as well as in various industry.
Technology is lot more then people often think of and it has proved beneficial to many lives
around the world. It has been improving and bringing the changes that people have not even
imagine of possible to be exist. Rapid advancement in technology has make changes to these
industries and people’s life especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Hence Emerging
technologies are often decerned as a development or an application which are largely unrealized
and helps in developing an advanced and automatized world. This report will be based on the
emerging technologies like VR/AR, Robotics, 3D Bioprinting and Blockchain. And how it has
emerged over the past one year. Also will be looking into how these technologies work and how
the future of these technologies are going to be.
Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive simulation of a real world environment were the objects
that reside in the real world are enhanced and manipulated by computer generated perceptual
information (Le & Dinh, 2021). Where as virtual reality (VR) is the computer generated
stimulation of a 3D image or other sensory environment. In AR the two key elements that make
It work are the camera and the software that calculates and projects some computer generated
visuals. VR uses a headset where there is a set of lenses inside a viewpoint and a mounted device
where the experience is stored or computed.
As of the past one year AR and VR has been connecting the world were the world seems to lost
connection due the coronavirus pandemic. People are feeling closer to one another through these
virtual realities maintaining the social distance. These two technologies are giving the real
experience to co-workers, friends and family to talk, shop and socialize through these computer
illustrated reality. It is even creating a major impact on education as well. Thousands of students
across the world who cannot attend the school and university during the pandemic are seeing
relying on the AR and VR to study in a way that the reality of the study is not affected. Moreover

the changes in OELD displays and the graphic represented pictorials have increased the demand
of these technologies within the medical, electronics and aerospace industries.
In the future VR is expected to take over the aerospace industries and medical industries as the
developers of these technologies are trying to improvise the existing features and develop new
feature to enhance the experience of the users. “Micro displays can emerge as mainstream
display modules for VR HMDs owing to the limitation of direct-view displays. Considering the
aforementioned developments in improving VR display, the demand for VR HMDs is
anticipated to surge among technocrats, which will drive the growth of the global VR market”
(Virtual Reality market, 2020).
A robot is a machine usually one programmable by a computer that can carry out a complex
series of action automatically. These robots are mainly composed of three main parts known as
the controller, mechanical parts and sensors. Where the controller is run by series of computer
programs and mechanical parts include motors, pistons, grippers, wheels and gears, which is
used for the movements of the robot. Sensors in the robots tells its surroundings. As well as it
allows the robot to determine directions and other relations and properties of substance.
Demand for robots that can do human chores has multiplied around the world. As of the last year
it seems robots are involved in all sorts of fights against the pandemic in different countries.
Robots are used commonly in airport and hospitals to observe peoples. Mean while some
countries robots equipped with ipads are used to greet people on arrival, enabling staff to screen
the patient remotely. Some other robots are installed with sensors which allows doctors and
nurses to take temperatures, measure respiration, and even monitor blood oxygen level without
being in the same room with the patient.
Robots are likely to continue playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives. With the
developments of new software features that allows for better control of the robot will take the
robots to the next level in the future. “Work is in place to use robots for care giving and further
delicate work. Even in experimenting with nanotechnology that could someday perform invasive
procedures without surgery” (Chavis, 2019). They will be able to take multiple roles in the
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