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Q1: Prioritization and delegation (module one)
Issue Priority Action and delegation
Peri-operative female
patient, an older adult
suddenly becomes
unconscious and
collapses over the
floor. She had her
facial surgery
I selected this
nursing task and
prioritized this issue
The clinical priority requires priority
response to her health condition and this
could be due to her sudden reaction of the
anaesthetic during the course of the surgery
(Herford & Lowe, 2018). Instant healthcare
assessment must be conducted while giving
Basic Life Support (BLS), if demanded
(Santry & Wren, 2012). The elderly patients
are vulnerable to serious physiological and
psychological change following extremely
poor GCS score (Reuben, Gazarian &
Alexander, 2017). Thus further assessment
for the chances of any form of injury and
internal injury must be done (Moen &
Ormstad, 2018).
The visitor of Mr.
Smith has suddenly
fainted over the floor
I will appoint this
task to Assistant in
Nursing (AIN)
AIN has exposed to basic nursing skills and
thus can assist the patient’s visitor with the
proper positioning of the body in order to
make him comfortable (Elliot & Coventry,
2012). AIN will also undertake general
observation followed by subsequent reporting
to the Registered Nurse (RN) or Enrolled
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Nurse (EN). In this case of prolong
unconsciousness; the RN must advice for 000
call as visitor is not an admitted patient of the
hospital. The emergency on call in this case
might be due to cardiac complications that at
times prove to be fatal (Wright & Arnolda,
Mrs. Chew’s
intravenous (IV)
infusion has tissues
and thus her
intravenous fluids are
running backwards.
She has missed
dosage of 1400 IV
antibiotic injection
I will assign EN to
look into the matter
The role of the EN will be to monitor the site
of the IV cannulation in order highlight any
impending signs of redness, swelling,
discomfort or leakage of the fluid (Esquillo &
Paul, 2017). If the EN is not competent to
conduct the IV cannulation, then she must
call a registered doctor or a registered nurse
to re-insert the intravenous cannula and to
conduct a proper review of the missed dosage
of medication.
Mr. Esposito is due to
undertake his
medication under
peri-operative settings
for cardiac related
I will handle this
assessment task on
my own
EN will be enquired about the swap of he
unconscious patient after the RN assessments
are over. I will inject the medications post
conducting the observations (NMBA, 2017).
Drainage system of
the staff toilet is
I will appoint the
clerk of the ward to
The ward appointed clerk can inform the
about the proper maintenance people to repair
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blocked and the waste
of toilet is
overflowing out
conduct this task the drainage system of the toilet. The ward
clerk is responsible to assist the health care
professionals and he could conduct about the
proper maintenance of the patient care unit
along with maintenance of the washroom.
Meeting related to
medication error that
happened last week
I will conduct a
group conference
after completing my
job roles
I will request the VMO to wait until all the
patient is safe and then will discuss the error
immediately in order to reduce the chances of
any further medication error
Q2: Collaborative and Therapeutic practice (module two)
(a) The multidisciplinary team (MDT)
MDT is a regarded as the primary healthcare team composed of healthcare
professionals from the different disciplines. These professionals are responsible for delivery
the specific healthcare services to the patients (Chrisp, Douglas, Rebeiro & Water, 2017).
Simultaneously, few of the factors must be taken into consideration while determining the
specific need of the healthcare practitioners in the MDT. Proper leadership and facilitation
are the principal factors behind the proper operation of the MDT (Chrisp et al., 2017). The
responsibility of the each professionals of the MDT deals with the proper resolution of the
conflict among other members while providing a comprehensive range of inputs in effective
discussions (Kalishman, Stoddard & Sullivian, 2012). Furthermore, assertivee group
dynamics, giving mutual respect and improvement in the proper communication skills are
regarded as vital factors for the effective operation of MDT (ANMAC, 2016). Improvement
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