A 33 year old patient with type 1 diabetes: Mr Brett Howard


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A 33 year old patient with type 1 diabetes: Mr Brett Howard_1

I was allocated to look for a 33 year old patient named Mr Brett Howard, who was
diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He was very ignorant of his condition and admits that he does
not take his insulin always and also very casual about his health condition. He does not even go
for testing his blood sugar levels quite often. Now, after he has developed peripheral neuropathy,
it has become worse in the past 12 months with his left foot being subsequently very painful and
swollen. Two weeks ago, he stood on a nail and got his foot infected. He could not even
remember when he had his last tetanus. He is marked with anxiety and depression and hardly
remembers things. He has a medical history of diabetes at the age of 15 following a viral illness.
He was also hospitalized previously thrice due to the diagnosis of diabetic ketoacidosis. Other
medical information found from the medical details implies his overall mental and physical
status. He also suffers from mental depression because of his family and social circumstances.
He is a social drinker and smoker which contribute to his current health status. He was also
financially unstable for a period of time and depended on his partner that might have caused
depression and pushed him towards smoking and drinking.
I had to look after the patient and report to the doctors on every little detail about the
patient. I monitored the patient’s heart rate, oxygen level, medications, blood pressure, and blood
glucose level and informed the doctor if any complications occurred. Other responsibilities I had
were primary and secondary survey, medical history taking, care planning and documenting
assessment for e.g. vital signs, neurovascular, foot assessment and pain assessment, wound
assessment, dressing and packing, administration of medications including S/C , IMI and IVAbs,
BGLs, documentation- progress notes. I noticed my patient is unsettled and he complained me
of feeling dizzy. I saw he has been mobilising to and from the bathroom but has complained of
being tired. I could understand he was in a great deal of pain and requires assistance both in
A 33 year old patient with type 1 diabetes: Mr Brett Howard_2

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