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Assignment On Analyzing The Role Of Social Media In Marketing Of TESCO

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“To understand and analyse the role of social media tools in marketing activities for customeracquisition conversion and retention with the retail sector of UK with the specific focus onTesco”.
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Executive SummaryMarketing is represented to be an utmost agenda of almost all business organisations to raise thesales of their proposed goods and services. It is where marketing is referred to be one of the mostwide-ranging activities of an enterprise and thus requires an abiding support of their affiliatedstakeholders. The present research work has been carried out to critically analyse the role of social media inthe marketing activities of UK based retail organisations with a special context of TESCO. It isalso supported by various research based objectives that are required to be attained for theaccomplishment of the undertaken aim of this study.Social media is reflected to be one of the most progressive tools to successfully market theproducts and services of a company. It is basically to fetch a liable interest ofan increasingnumber of clients and users with such a progressive tool of marketing that attracts them ingreater number. Further, the discussion on the effectiveness of social media tool for conductingmarketing activities has been done. Social media marketing helps organisation in effectivelycarrying out the marketing activities of a business.Moreover, through social media, an organisation can make its customers aware about theproducts and services that are sold in the market. Social media tools are playing a significant rolein the communication strategies of several retail based organisations of UK that mostly involvecertain renowned firms like TESCO and many others. It is basically in support of today's moderntechnical era where social media tools are largely used as a pivotal mean for enhancing the saleslevel of the retail based organisations by together meeting up their targeted expectations. A
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foremost objective of this research work is to scrutinize the elementary concept of social mediain the retail based organisations of UK. Social media is referred to be the most consideratetechniques used in the activities practised by nearly all UK based firms to promote theirproposed goods and services.
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Chapter 1: Introduction1.1 IntroductionA successful continuation and expansion of business is referred to be a foremost concern ofalmost all sorts of organisations irrespective of their size and nature of business operations(Safko,2012).Marketing with a similar context to it is represented to be a priority of the establishments as away of raising the sales of their proposed goods and services to the users (Bacher,2014). It iswhere marketing is referred to be one of the widest ranging activities of an enterprise and thusrequires an abiding support of their affiliated stakeholders (Solomon, 2013). Herein, thecustomers are oriented to be at a foremost position and it is important for organisations to satisfytheir factual needs and demands that often tend to change as per the prevailing trends of themarket (Bowen and Ozuem, 2016). Marketing plays a significant role to make people aware of their products and services so that itcan easily enhance market share (Safko, 2012). Social media are also known as interactive webbased applications. Further it is very supportive for an organisation to make propercommunication with people (Solomon, 2013). It can also be used by an organisation so that acompany can easily identify the needs and wants of its customers. Along with this, it can takefeedback from its regular customers and can make changes in accordance to with the needs ofconsumers (Qualman, 2013). There are different social media marketing tools that a companycan use with the purpose of reaching its target audience (Bowen and Ozuem, 2016). It isimportant to understand the critical role with social media marketing tools are playing to developan innovative approach towards the customers understanding about a brand. These social media
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tools including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. the selection of specific tool depends on fewmajor factors including which are customers and type of organisation. Facebook is one of themost active social media marketing strategies which can be started by an organisation by creatinga business-related page on Facebook (Qualman, 2013). In addition to this, Twitter is the socialmedia marketing tool which helps in broadcasting updates on the web. On Twitter, there arevarious official tweets such as discounts, exclusive offers and latest updates which can easilygrab the attention of a substantial number of customers. Through the help of social networking sites, a company can keep regular communication with itscustomers and can make changes in its products and deliver services as per the requirements(Safko, 2012). Companies can post effective content related to products and services on its socialsite to grab attention of substantial number of customers. There are different tools and techniquesthat a company can use for measuring the negative and positive feedback of its customers(Bowen and Ozuem, 2016). Social media marketing plays multiple roles for an organisation/company such as: to assist in making a good image of its activities towards its customers, toincrease sales and profits etc.It is important for any organisation to study that impact that social media have on its marketingactivities while considering it social media as an integral part of overall marketing strategy. It isgoing to be the same approach within the study to understand the prospects of social mediaactivities on overall marketing approach adopted by the Tesco as a case organisation.
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In this dissertation, some recommendations will be put forward to provide a beneficial insight toalmost all retail organisations of UK by acknowledging the realistic role of social media in theirundertaken activities of marketing (Zhou and Wang, 2014). Wherein, this is referred to be one ofthe most modern-day tactic for today’s contemporary audiences where they are directlyassociated with almost all type of internet measures. It is however with a substantial portion ofsocial media tools that are largely being used by a major number of clients and users. This in turnrequires the ventures to replicate the same in their adopted approaches by using somemodernized social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. Marketing via all thesepresent-day tools will in turn obviously attract many consumers by consequently raising theirawareness level towards TESCO. This will subsequently enhance the profitability status ofTESCO with an increased income and high number of shares in the market.1.2 Importance of the study This study has been carried out to identify such modernised tactics of marketing via someeffective tools of social media as a way of promoting the offered goods and services with acontemporary outlook. It has indicated a key purpose of the present research work that issecondary in nature to vitally evaluate the role of social media in the marketing activities of UKbased retail organisations.TESCO is one of the most renowned retail organisations of UK that has been successfullyoperating since the last 98 years. It is a public limited company that is currently headquartered inHertfordshire area of England, UK (Kumar, V., Bhaskaran, Mirchandani and Shah, 2013). In
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addition, this venture is in varied areas of the world with a total number of 6902 stores. Its annualrevenue in the year 2016 was estimated to be £54.433 billion with nearly 476, 000 employees intotal. Being a giant retailer, Tesco is required to keep abreast with its competitors to survive aswell as conquer new markets. For this, it is necessary for the firm to analyse the trends and adoptthe same for building its image within the industry. Social media is the latest trend in everyindustry including retail. Therefore, Tesco has taken sufficient steps to utilize social media sitesfor connecting with its customers on a better level where this information is collected byreferring to the views of some proficient industrial spectators (Leeflang, Verhoef, Dahlström andFreundt, 2014). 1.3 Rationale of the studyThis section aims at specifically scrutinizing the leading intention of this study where its mainpurpose is to focus upon analysing the role of social media in the marketing activities of retail-based organisations in the UK. More precisely, it is based upon a renowned retail organisation ofthe UK named TESCO (Chang, Yu and Lu, 2015). The current research work has also presenteda crucial outlook towards scrutinizing the contemporary means of business nowadays with agreater role of social media in it. On considering it, one can say that social media is one of themost essential tools for marketing these days that largely assists the retail organisations likeTESCO to easily promote their offered goods and services (Ramanathan and et. al., 2017).Considering the same, this study is directly leading to its undertaken goals and objectives whereit will firstly refer to evaluate the concept of social media in the retail industry of UK. Secondly,it will refer to identify its effective use in the marketing activities of retail based industry in UK
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