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Added on - 25 Jan 2022

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De Silva S.S.S

HS /2018/17054

2000 Level



Social Statistics

Department of Sociology

University of Ruhuna

Why should study social statistics as a researcher?

The field of statics haswidespread applicationsas indicated by the fact that statics courseisoffered in
such dissimilar subjects as dentistry and public health and education. In spite of this fact; there are many
misconceptions concern in the nature of this rapidly developing discipline. The layman's conception of
statistics is apt to be very different from that of the professional statistician. Statistician is sometimes
thought of as a person who manipulates numbers in in order to prove his paint. On the other hand, some
students of sociology of other Social Sciences have tended to worship the statistician as someone who
with the aid of his magical computing machine, can make almost any study " scientific" possibly because
of the awe many persons have for anything with a hint of mathematics, studentoften find it difficult to
approach a course in statistics with other than mixed feelings. Although they may be terrified at the
prospect of working with numbers, they may also come to expect too much of discipline which appears
so formidable. Before jumping into the subject too quickly and there by using perspective, date of first
ask ourselves just what statistics is an what is it can and cannot do.

Social statistics is the use of statistical measurement systems of study human behavior in a social
environment. This can be accomplished through polling a group of people, evaluating a subset of data
obtained about a group of people or by observation and statistical analysis of a set of data that relates to
people and their behaviors.

Social scientists use social statistics for many purposes,including:

The evolution of the quality of services available to a group or organization.

An analyzing behavior of groups of people in their environment and special situations.

Determine in the wants of paper through statistical sampling.
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