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Added on - 25 Jan 2022

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De Silva S.S.S

HS /2018/17054

2000 Level



Department ofSociology

University of Ruhuna

Candidates are required toconducta smallethnographyand write a
research article.

The caste system is descended from the past to the present. My research topic was to explain the
caste system differences in SriLanka. Itwas first to focus on the factors that contributed to the
establishment of a caste system in SriLanka. Ibegan to focus on how the caste system evolved from its
inception. One of the main objectives of this research was to look at the current changes in the caste system
in Sri Lanka. Let us focus on the factors that contributed to this change in the caste system in SriLanka.
Thisresearch paper contains information on how it is important for us to study the differences in the caste
system in Sri Lanka.

A society is a macro unit surrounded by complex public relation and institutional patterns. That is
a whole combination of certain social processes and the corporation that is built up as a result of them. A
certain alignment can be seen from the top to the bottom inlayers.Castecan be termed as one of the strata
that determine the level of belonging or social status of an individual.

Caste players a key role in the uniqueness of south Asian societies .caste a phenomenon not seen
in western societies ,is also deeply entrenched in south Asian societies in south Asian society the social
status of the individual has had a profound effect on shaping the overall social relation of caste societies
which determine social value .so the social pattern of south Asian is very different from the social pattern
of western society or any other Asian region therefore ,interpersonalrelationships and personal value are
unique to these societies. According to K.TSilva Cuestais a purely social construct caste is not a universal
phenomenon. It is a social structure associated with south Asian society Anthropologist A.L. Krober who
has been conducting anthropological research on caste a phenomenon unique to south Asian society points
out that caste is an institution whose toughness, aggression, birthright, and does not know the possibility
of human mobility.

The anthropologist Huttenstater that caste represents the following characteristics through

Caste is two intergeneration.

There are some limitations between members belonging to different castes.

Caste is a hierarchical group of condition.

Caste is somethingthat is associated with a traditional job.

A man’s caste status is ultimately determined by his birth or he must have been
expelled by his caste for some violation of custom.

The system as a whole is a prider centric system.

In the research paper “what shouldbemean by cast “by anthropologist E.R
Leach, castehas three distinguishing features.

Caste into a system of division of labor,

Caste can be distinguished from other casted by the way in which those members
have become closely associated with economic,Political and ritual networks.

That there is a structural organization within the caste system and that It is a
corporation unique to them.
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