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BSBADM504 - Plan and implement administrative systems

Added on - 01 Oct 2021

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Assignment 1
1.According to Brown, Hellerstein and Keller (2007), cost analysis is critical when
implementing administrative systems. The first cost to consider is the hardware cost in
terms of effectiveness, configuration, and operating speed. Secondly, software costs in
terms of speed and simplicity. Besides hardware and software cost others include
expenses for stationery, consultation costs, training costs, security costs of the systems
and the operation costs (Ruanglae, Sirisuthi, & Weangsamoot, 2017).
LegislationPolicies and procedure
Anti-discrimination legislationThe Australian government prohibits discrimination
based on race, age, gender, disability, and sexual
orientation protected under Age DiscriminationAct
2004, Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Racial
Discrimination Act 1975,andSex Discrimination Act
1984(Smith, 2008).
Ethical principlesAdhere to the Australian Public Service APS Values and
Code of Conduct
Codes of practiceAdhere to the Australian Public Service APS Values and
Code of Conduct
Privacy lawsPrivacy Act 1988(Privacy Act)
CopyrightCopyright Act1968, theTrade Practices Act 1974,and
theCopyright Amendment Act 2006
Work health and safety
Work Health and Safety Actand regulationWork Health
and Safety Regulation.The acts and regulations vary
across the Australian states and territories
3.The quotation request for the database shall include:
b.Performance milestones -user-friendliness of the system, security factors,
functionality, ability of the system to be integrated with other platforms, scalability,
update abilities.
c.Quality options
d.Timeline factors
e.Staffing options such are staff involvement
Type of
Purchased1.Often cheap – achieved by developers
spread the costs over the large market
2.Limited software defects – due to large
market most of the problems are pre-
solved, however, avoid purchasing
pioneering software
3.Efficient documentation – developers
ensure the systems are user-friendly to
attract a larger market
4.Training is easy and affordably available –
easiness to use increases availability of
training organizations and consultancies.
(Haider, Samdani, Ali, & Kamran, 2016).
a.Likely not to meet all the needs
and requirements of the user.
b.Can be less efficient – due to
large market target the simple is
made simple to use hence
unavoidable but unnecessary
In-house1.Effectively meets the unique needs
and requirements of the business
2.Developed based on internal
capabilities and resources
3.Meets the challenges if existing
technologies and systems
4.Minimizes the changes in business
policies and procedures (Haider,
Samdani, Ali, & Kamran, 2016).
a.High development costs
b.Has high software defects
a.Identifying new systems
b.Encouraging employees to actively participate in the implementation process;
c.Implement the actual system
d.Defining and communicating of the procedures and safety issues of using the system.
e.Providing training and relevant support in using the system[ CITATION Asp18 \l
1033 ].
a.Evaluating whether the suppliers have a clear understanding of the organization’s
requirements and needs
b.Consider recommendation from organization’s network on the credibility of the
c.Evaluating the financial and supply record of the suppliers as well as evidence of past
supply history.
d.Comparing the quoted prices by the suppliers to their ability as well as the
organization’s budget.
e.Crosschecking the ability of the suppliers to deliver the services and equipment on
f.Examining the cultural alignment of the supplier and the organization.
7.According to the information, Bid 3 has a higher chance of winning the tender for the
Chapman Retail Management System despite their timeframe extends beyond the
company’s deadline. Reasons for selecting bid 3 include a clear understanding of the
organization’s specifications, reasonable price quotation not exceeding the company’s
budget, the high experience of 5 years and quality assurance is based on the client’s
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