ASSIGNMENT 1: An Analytical Essay on Online Privacy.

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ASSIGNMENT 1: An Analytical Essay on Online PrivacyThis assignment is 1,500 words essay on Online Privacy.Assignment ObjectivesThe purpose of the assignment is to help prepare you to:1. understand some of the important IT privacy concerns encountered by individuals andorganisations dealing with digital materials, particularly the ability to control what informationyou reveal about yourself over the Internet, and to control who could access that information;2. improve your library and research skills in finding relevant materials to an assignmenttask;3. practise correct referencing of researched materials;4. practise your writing of an opinion piece that incorporates and synthesizes researchedmaterials.Deliverables1. The essay should be about 1500 words. The essay must follow standard academic essayformat with correct usages of vocabularies, grammar and language.2. This essay should include at least 5 academic references (journal articles and/ orconference papers).3. The background case study should provide a good starting point for research.4. Commence your research for your essay by reading chapters from the text book Quinn(Chapter 5: Information Privacy & Chapter 6: Privacy and the Government) & Reynolds(Chapter 4: Privacy).5. This essay should follow APA referencing style. Do not copy or cut and paste informationfrom sources. This is plagiarism. Provide in-text references for every source of information.Provide a Reference List at the end of your essay.6. You are recommended to complete the assessment in stages:oStage 1 (Week 4) – Brain storm – analyzing the question/topic – Draft Mind mapoStage 2 (Week 5) – Research – Literature review - ReferencesoStage 3 (Week 6) – Write a DraftoStage 4 (Week 7)- Edit and Write Final draft - Final submission
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