FBD Assignment: Understanding Degrees of Freedom and Constraint Forces


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ASSIGNMENT 1lnvoles some photography and marking it. Put the pictures in a word document and the answers below it .+ Helpful videos: _ Fbd 3d constraints:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bph5tPpzbYQ&list=PLUj5PZVZkwnLGMyBuY2R0J2eksyvLqP19&index=7_ Fbd worked examples:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o32TZ4ed_B0&list=PLUj5PZVZkwnLGMyBuY2R0J2eksyvLqP19&index=8Project ObjectivesBy doing the FBD assignment, students should be able to:1.Acknowledge 6 possible degrees of relative motions at a joint. This includes three translations and three rotations which are independent.2.Recognize that the degrees that are actually constrained in a joint canbe selected in many ways. Based on the functionality of a given joint in a real life structure/mechanism, identify the actual degrees that areconstrained.3.Acknowledge constraining a particular degree results in a corresponding constraint force.4.Account for the constraint forces in FBDs.5.Apply Newton's third law when isolating a joint.6.Idealize effects of friction, motors, spring, etc., based on functionality.Use the template provided at the end. 6DOFsA: Find an object, show its picture and mark the six degrees of freedom for it. Specific ConnectionB: Find a connection with exactly 2 rotations and 2 translations constrained (so only 1 translation and one rotation is allowed)1.Show its photo and a coordinate system.2.Identify the constrained DOFs. 3.Draw its FBD.

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