Self-Assessment against FEIT Graduate Descriptors


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Professional Development
Assignment 1: Self Assessment against FEIT Graduate Descriptors 1. IntroductionMy name is Shirley Wong, and presently I am studying Engineering Project Preparation, which is a part of Master of Engineering Program in UTS. I had completed my Hong Kong Certificate Level Examination from Kiangsu-Chekiang College, on Science subjects and then completed Foundation Studies on Communication, Accounting, Economics and Advanced Mathematics from Canberra Institute of Technology, Australia. I then ventured to complete Bachelors of Commerce from Australian National University which focused on Financial Accounting basics, Business economics, commercial law etc. I joined the engineering sector in 2001, and worked as an account clerk in Wing Kwai Engineering Limited and Startac Engineering Limited. After a brief stint with real estate companies of Hong Kong, I completed my Advanced Diploma in Management Studies Program in 2017. Since 2013, I have been associated with Startac Engineering Limited, as an Accounting and Human Management Manager, and my duties include employee management, conducting theadministrative and personnel related work. Startac Engineering Company is owned by my father, and he is about to retire soon, for which it is critically important for me to gain a sound theoretical understanding along with industry based practical experience on managing engineering organizations. This has guided my aim of pursuing a Master of Engineering Management, as I want to have a theoretical strong hold along with gaining practical expertise in this field of engineering. The purpose of conducting this report of self assessment is to understand on the expectations from a MEM graduate, and the status of my current attainment, and the intendedattainment, so that the gaps in knowledge and skills can be identified, and initiatives can be taken by me to mitigate such gaps. I have chosen the FEIT Graduate Attribute “D” as I believed that this would help in understanding personal development and focus on lifelong learning and would help me develop my knowledge, skills and attitudes and make me a bettermanager in the field of engineering. 2. Current AttainmentD. Self Management1. Manage their own time and processes effectively by prioritizing competing demands to achieve personal goals (manage self)Knowledge has always fascinated me, and I have always focused on gaining theoretical and practical knowledge in various academic fields. After completing my Bachelors of Commerce from Australian National University, I took a break to gain industry experience but always felt the calling for gaining further knowledge and experience. Though it might appear fat fetched from my past educational experience as well as professional stints,I decided to undergo a small Diploma course in 2007, in Fashion Stage and Media Make Up 1 | Page
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