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Assignment 1. Task. 1. Reflective Essay Guidance. Produ

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Assignment 1 Task 1 Reflective Essay GuidanceProduce a reflective essay in which you explore current values and prejudicescomparing them with the principles of health and social care and discussing theirimpact on your role.Compare personal values and principles with the principles of support for working in health and social care (1.1)Assess how personal culture and experience influence own role in supporting users of services and others in health and social care settings (1.2)i)Identify four personal values which you feel are important e.g. honesty,integrity, and four personal prejudices. Explain how these values andprejudices have arisen through your background/cultural experiences andassess how they might influence your role in supporting users of servicesin health and social care (P1.1 , P1.2)ii)BRIEFLY summarise each element of the Care Value Base – equality and diversity, confidentiality, rights and responsibilities, anti-discriminatory practice and effective communication – and compare these i.e. how your personal values and prejudices compliment / conflict with these professional values you must adopt (P1.1, P1.2).1500 Words (as guidance only)This entry should be written as a reflective essay, it must be organised using paragraphs.Always ensure good grammar, punctuation and spellings by proof-reading your work. Try to be as open and honest as possible, particularly when describing yourvalues and prejudices. Only your tutor will be party to the informationcontained.i)personal values and prejudicesWhen, discussing prejudices and values, always try to briefly analyse where these may havearisen from (family upbringing, religious beliefs, media etc.). Consider how the prejudicesyou have discussed might impact on your practice if not addressed. How do you plan toincrease your self-awareness of issues surrounding these prejudices and how you will dothis to ensure you limit their impact on your practice in the future.i)Comparing Personal Values and prejudices with Professional Values (Care value base)You need to then discuss the professional values you adopt as a health and social careworker i.e. the care values base. Describe briefly what these professional values are. Drawout similarities between your own values and the care values.(compliment) Next discusshow your current prejudices conflict with the care value base and the likely negative impactthey could have on your practice if they persist. Finally explain how in light of this you planto increase your self-awareness to address these prejudices. Describe briefly how you planto work on the prejudices outlined. Give a brief conclusion to round off this essay.
Assignment 1. Task. 1. Reflective Essay Guidance. Produ_1

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