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ASSIGNMENT 10thConflicts are quite a common thing and is a disagreement based on some opposed beliefs or faiths and have the effect on the person both, emotionally and also physically. Although, conflict can be used as a motivation, but can also be destructive [ CITATION And15 \l 1033 ].So, based on the factual scenario, where the new director reorganizes, and many nurses are feeling resentful to the changes, then the dominating factors leading to conflicts are summarized below. When there is lack of employee input, that is the absence of employee participation then that situation can lead to apathy, and sometimes anarchy and mostly malicious compliance. So, when the, changes are made without any input from the employee and me being the leader is in to managing the situation, then the best thing I can afford is calling a staff meeting, where I will be discussing the changes, detailing the reasons for the change so made and finally asking them to incorporate their thoughts in the form of feedback, on those areas which are under my control, and this asking about to provide feedback will make them feel that they are valued and their contributions will help to achieve the solution to the problem [ CITATION Don \l 1033 ]. Again,due to the cosmopolitan nature, there are individuals from different cultural backgrounds, so if the conflicts arose due to the difference in cultural values and diversities, then the only plausible resolution is in discussing the matter with the group or the individual so that, a compromise can be reached based on that. Often it happens that, there is misunderstanding in communication and it also happens that the body language often gets misconstrued, so for resolving this issue, the conflicts at hand must be ab initio confronted and discussed with a reasonable explanation for that[ CITATION Joh12 \l 1033 ]. ReferencesAnderson, Ann. (2015). Workplace Conflict. AJN The American Journal of Nursing.Donna Cardillo. (n.d.). Seven Strategies for Managing Conflict. Retrieved from http://donnacardillo.com/articles/sevenstrategies/Johansen, Mary L. (2012). Keeping the peace: Conflict management strategies for nurse managers. Nursing Management, 50-54.

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