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ASSIGNMENT 13Role of nurse manager or leader in the reengineering of health careHealth care reengineering is considered to be a powerful methodology helping the organizationsto reorder the priorities, so as to provide a better and more cost-effective care, by increasing thevalue to customers. Thus, it is evident that, the basic driving force is exactly what the customerwants and also what is needed to maintain the organization in the health care industry. Basically,there are three activity levels which the systemwide reengineering integrates[ CITATIONSme96 \l 1033 ]. Firstly, it is the management of community partnership to that of the healthplan, secondly, theoverlapping delivery system functions, must consolidate with the providersand vendors, who are the active participants and finally, the administrative functions along withthe clinical services, and caregiving programs must be redesigned so as to improve it to give ahigher health status[ CITATION Tho98 \l 1033 ]. It must be borne in mind that, reengineeringcannot be considered to be a panacea, since it only determines the competency as well as therequisite skills which is needed from a health care organisation, for not only gaining acompetitive advantage but also for managing the quality health care for the purpose it was meantfor. Thus, reengineering is the examination of the content for the process of the service. As it is aprerogative that, the patients or the customers’ care is vital and crucial and hence must bemaintained in a religious way. So, reengineering must be made not only within the process toachieve interaction but also on the process of achieving it[ CITATION McE92 \l 1033 ]In the health care industry, every action so made is done with and between people, andinteraction and collaboration are the only key towards a successful customer relationship. Thus,to achieve successful customer relationship, staff members’ well-being and safety becomes amajor factor which leads towards successful interaction[ CITATION Bow99 \l 1033 ].So, thepeople in leadership position is to depict their own actions towards the creation of anorganisational culture posing such changes which do not culminate in to threat but is inproviding a possibility towards the development of personnel by increasing intellectual capital ofthe organisation thereby securing the future of the organisation as a whole. Nursing being theessential part of health care services, change with the other changes. So, as a nurse manager orleader, joint operation is required from not only the team members, but also from variousprofessionals to create a focus on the client. Teamwork must be incorporated in such a way thatthe interaction brings new level of learning for creating transparency[ CITATION Sme96 \l1033 ]. Therefore, nurses in management positions must have the capacity to lead multiculturalwork community so that communication cannot be an obstacle due to insufficient languageskills. As the nurses assume more management responsibilities, so a theoretical knowledge onleadership and management must be instilled in them[ CITATION Gro97 \l 1033 ].Management activities requires skills for delegation, or for providing guidance, for counselling,and also for evaluation, motivating with colleagues, with other professionals with partlyuntrained personnel to the patients and their families[ CITATION Bow99 \l 1033 ].
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