Assignment 2. 1- Consider the following. table. which.

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Fall_2016 CSC342Assignment 21-Consider the following table which lists dentist/patient appointment data. A patient is given anappointment at a specific time and date with a dentist located at a particular surgery. On each dayof patient appointments, a dentist is allocated to a specific surgery for that day.Staff_NoDentist_NamePat_NoPat_NameAppointmentData TimeSurgent_NoS1011S1011S1024S1024S1032S1032Tony SmithTony SmithHelen PearsonHelen PearsonRobin PlevinRobin PlevinP100P105P108P108P105P110Gillian WhiteJill BellIan MackayIan MackayJill BellJohn Walker12-Sep-08 10.0012-Sep-08 12.0012-Sep-08 10.0014-Sep-08 14.0014-Sep-08 16.3015-Sep-08 18.00S15S15S10S10S15S13a)Describe and illustrate the process of normalizing the above table to 3NF. State any assumptions youmake about the data shown in this table.b)Identify the functional dependencies represented by the attributes show in the 3NF tables.2-Suppose that a data warehouse consists of the three dimensionstime, doctor, andpatient, and thetwo measurescountandcharge, wherechargeis the fee that a doctor charges a patient for a visit.a)Draw a star schema diagram for the above data warehouse.1
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