Advantages of Diverse Workforce and Factors Affecting Talent Planning and Recruitment and Selection Policy


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ASSIGNMENT 2AssignmentIndividual Activity 1The Advantages of Diverse Workforce In the modern world, several organizations are utilizing the strategy of a diverse workforce. Thistechnique has various advantages. Four of the most potential benefits of having a diverse workforce have been explained below.i) Enhancement in ProductivityWorkforce assorted variety can realize an expansion in efficiency and upper hands. Employers may be able to provide more comprehensive answers to the clients in view of fresh thoughts and procedures brought into the association (Zidane, Hussein, Gudmundsson, & Ekambaram, 2016). This aspect also helps in building the workers' confidence and makes representatives want to work all the more viably and proficiently.ii) Enhanced Creativity and InnovationThis dimension builds imagination inside an organization in light of the fact that heterogeneous gatherings are cross-treating one another inside the association. When more various thoughts are proposed, the odds of finding a workable answer are made strides. Within environments where conceptualizing is important, the comprehensive thoughts are shaped on the grounds that colleagues are socially assorted (Zidane, Hussein, Gudmundsson, & Ekambaram, 2016).iii) Skills in Dialects

ASSIGNMENT 3Organizations which intend to venture into worldwide markets advantage from dialect assorted variety in the work environment. Numerous bilingual laborers encounter favorable position whileapplying for occupations since workers comprehend the advantages of dialect decent variety (Walker, Armenakis, & Bernerth, 2007).iv) Enhancement in ReputationOccupation searchers are attracted to organizations with different workforces since it is obvious that the organizations don't hone business separation. Potential representatives need to realize that businesses treat their staff genuinely paying little mind to race, ethnicity or sexual orientation (Walker, Armenakis, & Bernerth, 2007). Not exclusively are such firms ready to pull in new ability yet they can likewise hold existing ability due to high representative spirit coming about because of workforce assorted variety.In this context, Apple and Samsung will be two perfect examples. The companies have appointedworkers from various social, cultural, language-oriented, professional skill, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. This advantage has enabled them to establish themselves as two of the leading organizations in the electronics gadgets industry.Factors that affect Talent PlanningThere are several factors that affect talent planning. Four of these viable aspects have been explored below.a) Economic EnvironmentAn association needs to consider the amount of cash that is accessible to spend and this will rely upon the present atmosphere at the market levels. In this unique situation, the associations need

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