Assignment #2 – CRM Solutions Comparison and Selection

Added on - Sep 2019

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Assignment #2 –CRM Solutions Comparison and Selection Presentation(due at the end of Week 9)Assume you are the IT manager for a small business with 50 employees. The company isgrowing rapidly and needs to implement a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM)solution to help it more effectively and efficiently manage customer facing operations. Thecompany needs help primarily with sales, marketing, and customer service functions, but wouldlike the CRM system to have additional functionality they may use in the future. The CEOwants you to select an affordable, scalable, and customizable CRM solution that can grow asmore employees are hired, sales grow, and customer numbers increase. The company needs tosupport the three key phases (acquire, enhance, and retain) of its relationship with its customers.You have been tasked to research, analyzed, and recommend, via a professional and visually richPowerPoint Presentation, the appropriate CRM software solution the company should select tohelp it deal with its current and future growth.Please review various CRM vendors currently available on the market. Then select three (3)CRM solutions that come the closest in meeting the specific needs of the company. Include atleast one (1) Hosted CRM and one (1) On-Premise CRM solution. Then review the advantagesand disadvantages of each of the three (3) CRM solutions and compare and contrast them in thepresentation. Make sure you compare and contrast key functionality, features, and prices acrossthe three (3) platforms. Finally identify which is the best CRM option for your company andexplain why it was selected. Present your findings to the CEO via a professional, substantive,
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