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Assignment to Structured Analytic Techniques

Added on - 16 Jun 2021

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Assignment 2: Structured Analytic TechniquesIs We Ho Lee a Spy? A Case Study text Summary
INTRODUCTIONCharges such as espionage warrant serious charges. Any evidence presented against persons accusedrequires strong evidence beyond reasonable doubt. This was the case in the Wen Ho Lees case Chinaand US trade, diplomatic and nuclear weapons case of the 1990s[CITATION Phe11 \l 1033 ].Soundreasoning represents an analysis of facts from different perspectives. The use of formal and informalmethods includes the application of structured analytic techniques for intelligence gathering. Scientificreasoning in practice in the Wen Ho Lee case starts with asking critical questions. First, it is necessaryto inquire why the US government prosecuted Wen Ho Lee as a spy. Another question to consider iswhat factors criminalised Wen Ho to warrant the prosecution. This then raises the question ‘What mayaccount for China’s advances in nuclear technology?’ In this case, the Force Field Analysis techniqueunfolds the analysis by identifying the deep-rooted forces of how this happened and the interventionstrategies used. It considers the driving force and restriction forces in a case. The Deception Detectiontechnique dismisses any lies in order to allow truth to prevail. The case also highlights the practicalapplication of the Post Mortem analysis as a strategic implementation of a process.FORCE FIELD ANALYSISChinese espionage against USPioneered by Kurt Lewin, the Force Field Analysis reveals details there was a connection between thedevelopment of the Chinese nuclear warheads and the Chinese ones[ CITATION Coo13 \l 1033 ].Acloser look at the restraining forces and the strongest aspects of the push and pull factors gave a morefavourable position to implicate the engineers involved. The interrogation of a weapons designerRobert Henson reveals the possibility of stolen ideas. The Force Field technique supports a balance offacts from opposing sides with change as the result showing impact of the stronger side against theweak. The top security within the National Laboratory and the small number of scientists operating in2
an open library at the time gave room for betrayal. The technique requires an action plan with thestrategy.This analysis clarifies the implementation strategy through viable actions. During this process, it isnecessary to:Identify the expected change or outcomeBrainstorm on restraining forces ( take notes of strengths verses weaknesses )Analyse the impact of each opposing sides (forces)Reach a consensus within the groupThe CIA must have put into consideration the existence of similarities in the W-88 nuclear warheadsand Chinese spying techniques. Among this was the recruitment of spies in key industries such as this.This approach uses problem-solving skills and involves teamwork hence the more reason to pointfingers at Ho Lee (Heuer & Pherson, 2014). The search through sources of information, processesbrought in the Kindred spirit Analytical Group (KSAG) which participated in the data review givingits positions on the developments. Below is a brief table about this implementation process.How ( Strategictechnique)What actionWhoseresponsibleWhere is thelocationWhen is itappropriate( timing)Brainstorming ofthe underlyingconflictAnalysis ofChinesewarheads, spyingtechniquesKSAGCIAPre-trialAnalysis ofsimilarities in thewarheadsDataidentification ofcommontechniquesFBILos Alamos labTrial3
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