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Skyscape Clinical Consult PDF

Added on - 25 Jan 2022

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Assignment 3
1. Visitwww.Skyscape.comand browse the available books, apps and features for smartphones.
Choose and review one product.
Skyscape Clinical Consult (ClinicalConsult™) for android version 17.0.0/2014.04.04
Author:Michael Kauffman, MD, PhD. Publisher:OutlineMed, Inc.
Available free for both Android and iOS platform. Downloadable via Free Skyscape Medical library
It was designed to equip healthcare practitioners with the latest clinical knowledge that
resulting accurate and confident informed decision making at clinical settings.(Kauffman).It
is cloud based app that did not provide offline usage.
The app is very interesting to use. It is also fun and entertaining at the same time for serve it
purpose to aid healthcare practitioners. It allow advanced customisation setting that user
preferred like notifications and search engine index menu. For example user can choose to
search based on sign and symptoms, ICD code, disease name and ample of others index
options. Bookmarking is also allowed and user can view history of the usage from previous
In term of functionality, it is work seamlessly with no technical bugs found and quick
reaction time. As first time user, I can use the app immediately without needed to refer to
any manual or using help features. It also allowed multitasking with other apps on single
login. All buttons and menus seems to work perfectly well. However it is lacking of voice
recognition option, all task must be done using touch screen interface. High contrast
coloured interface also missing in this app that do not help for the user with low vision
impairment disabilities in term of accessibility.
Navigation of the app features floating menu which is handy that can be assess anytime by
simply on one tap basis. It make operation of the app become easy and clear with intuitive
screen flow throughout uninterrupted usage.
‘SmartLink’ and ‘See also’ buttons are major advantages of this app. ‘smartLink’ provided
linked that associate with the contained of the screens to others resources within skyscape
apps library such as calculator. For instance when I look at the obesity topic, it can link to
BMI calculator immediately with one tap. Meanwhile ‘See also’ button is designated to
suggest user regarding others topics that relevant and closely related to the screen topic.
The app contains high quality information that are reliable from credible sources. The
developer claims the contents are from major medical journal publications including the
Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Lancet and New England Journal of
Medicine (NEJM). It provided access to references linked by using in-app browser.
Gestural design features like taps/swipes/pinches/scrolls are all consistent across screens
with no lagging time.
Graphically it was designed professionally and well organised. Every design component has
its distinct purpose with acceptable visual appeal.
Overall, it is a decent app for healthcare provider and I personally highly recommend its use
to obtain concise and precise summaries regarding clinical topics from taking advantage of
its portability and miniaturization.
2. Browse either Android apps at Google Play or Apple apps at the iTunes App Store. Search under
medical apps and attempt to organize them into categories in a table. Are there categories that are
missing, e.g. clinical guidelines for patients?
Google Play – Medical Apps
Professional Healthcare Apps
Medical reference & database appsComplete Anatomy 2022
Professional networking appsDocquity- The Doctors' Network
Patient medical health tracking appsBlood Pressure Tracker - Cardio journal
Doctor appointment & clinical assistance appsSistem Janji Temu Klinik KKM
Telehealth mobile apps (doctor-on-demand
Speedoc: Healthcare Comes to You,
Clinical Practice Guideline appsBlue Book+ CPG Malaysia and Clinical Practice
Guidelines (CPG) Malaysia.
Drug information appsMIMS Malaysia : Drug Information, Disease, News.
Calculators appsMediCalc®
Immunization guides appsCDC Vaccine Schedules
Medical resources appsUpToDate
Sensors appsGoogle Fit, Samsung health and Huawei health
Prevention guides appsPCRM’s Nutrition Guide for Clinicians
Diagnostic appsPrognosis : Your Diagnosis
Coding appsICD-11 Disease Codes Pro
Image viewers appsIMAIOS Dicom Viewer
Journal access appsPubMed4Hh
Medline search appsMedscape
Medical translator appsCare to Translate: Digital medical translator
EHR access appsMedical Records
Remote data collection appsTeamscope : Data Collection
Mobile Health Apps for Patients
Patient medical education appsPatient Aid
Reminder apps - includes medical and fitness
tracking apps
Google Fit, Samsung health and Huawei health
Diagnosis apps for preventive purposesAll stomach diseases and treatment.
Healthy lifestyle appsEWG's Healthy Living
Monitoring apps for chronic conditionsmySugr - Diabetes Tracker Log,
Blood Glucose Tracker
Mental health appsWysa: Anxiety therapy chatbot,
MyPossibleSelf: Mental Health and CBT Companion:
(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy app)
Dieting appsHealthifyMe.
Health Insurance appsMy AIA: Insurance, Health, Wellness, Rewards.
PruBSN Aman.
Women’s health appsWomen's Health Tracker and
FitrWoman – Period Tracker, Training & Nutrition.
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