Assignment 4 (10 points).

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Assignment 4 (10 points)Your Name: Srikar ChintalaYour ZID: Z1788560(1)State the normal form and then normalize. Primary key is ProductIDProductIDProductNameStateCodePriceStateTaxPercent1TelevisionIL5008.52CameraIN20073CameraIL3008.54PhoneIN65075Dish WasherWA45006DryerWA45007TelevisionIN4807(2) State the normal form and then normalize. Primary Key is (title, year)(3) State thenormal form andthen normalize.Primary key isSupplierIDSupplierIDSupplierNameLocationPartSuppliedPrice1ABC IncIllinoisValve852ABC IncIndianaValve853Cummins IncIndianaPump1854Cummins IncWashingtonValve855ABC IncIllinoisPump1856Europump IncOklahomaPump185titleyearlengthfilmTypestudioNamestarNameStar Wars1977124colorFoxFisherStar Wars1977124colorFoxHamillStar Wars1977124colorFoxFordMighty Ducks1991104colorDisneyEstevesWayne’sWorld199295colorParamountCarveyWayne’sWorld199295colorParamountMeyers
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