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COM301 : Writing for a purpose

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Assignment 4: Assessment of the Wellington Tourism Sector
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Assessment of the Wellington Tourism Sector
On reading Superior Hotel’s case, one can note that its major challenge is the
unpredictable nature of the tourism industry in Wellington. Such a sentiment is
grounded on the fact that the hotel operates significantly under capacity despite
recording very busy months on an annual basis. Understanding the market dynamics
might allow Superior Hotel’s management to utilize the trends to its advantages. For
now, it suffices to claim that the hotel’s high-quality service provision and its strong
connection with the local kiwi are vital leverages with regards to the current challenge.
Terms of Reference
Market growth– This term has been used in the report to refer to the increase in
international online visitations.
Market unpredictability/unpredictable market– these phrases have been
used in the essay to refer to Superior Hotel’s dilemma (the shift from very high to
very low occupancy rates).
This report presents an industrial analysis of market data accessed from
secondary sources. The sources included journals, survey reports, web articles, and
destination reviews.
Market Growth
Before delving deep into this matter, it is important to reflect on Wellington’s
international visitor statistics. In his recent report, Rodgers found that international
visitors have been on a steady increase for the past seven years (2012). Such a trend
has seen the number of overnight and day visits increase from 514,000 to 733,000 and
45,000 to 60,000 respectively (Rodgers, 2012). Clearly, the destination’s market appeal
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cannot be questioned given that in-bound tourism has been on a steady increase. This
then implies that other factors are making the business unpredictable.

Source: (Rodgers, 2012)
Major Markets
Perhaps, developing an in-depth understanding of the destination’s major
markets might enhance Superior Hotel’s management’s view of the forces that cause
the unpredictability. So far, it has been established that Wellington’s major markets
include Australia, Asia, Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Together,
these regions account for 73 percent of Wellington’s international visitation (Rodgers,
When placed into perspective, a plethora of factors can be attributed to the unsteady
visitations: the shift from high to low visitor records. For this reason, the management
should have a clear grasp of the value each market seeks from the destination (Collier
& Harraway, 2006). Such knowledge might enhance Superior Hotel’s value proposition
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