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Assignment on Advancement of Technology

Added on - 07 Apr 2020

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Running head: ASSIGNMENTAssignmentName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1ASSIGNMENTEffectiveness and usefulness of the learning experienceAfter completion of the assignments, I have realized that, in today’s life, the advancementof technology is playing an integral part in the business sector. In this scenario, the socialnetworking websites are becoming a specific medium that enhances the general awarenessrelating to the social and political issues and it handles various demonstrations to the public. Intoday’s world, there are ample of social media websites that provides huge opportunity tobusiness organizations to get connected with numerous clients scattered all over the globe(Fotis,Buhalis and Rossides 2012). The effectiveness of this learning lies on the potential merits of thesocial media platforms regarding enhancing sales and the overall reputation of the organizations.In my opinion, the importance of this learning lies on the fact that, in this way theoriginal impact of the social media websites on the business sector can be analyzed and thegeneral understanding of the advantages of social media on the business sector would beenhanced.How this learning process will be useful to the readersIn my opinion, this learning experience would serve the purpose of shedding light on ageneral issue of life and that is the importance of social media websites on the business sector. Ido not think that this learning is any ways about any kind of course, program or future career.This learning can only let the readers know about the usage of social media in business sectorand the merits and demerits of using social media websites in business sector (Trainor et al.2014). I guess that applying or transferring the learning that can be acquired by the previousassignments can easily be transferred or implemented by using social media websites with
2ASSIGNMENTcaution regarding business issues and by increasing the general awareness of this issue (Fotis,Buhalis and Rossides 2012).What happened in the learning processIn the process of learning, I have gathered some knowledge regarding the usage of socialmedia websites in the business sector, as it can be said that, I have gathered knowledge regardinghow social media websites can be used as a significant tool for marketing purposes and for thefuture development of the business organizations (Fotis, Buhalis and Rossides 2012). Apart fromthat in this learning process I have learnt what are the basic advantages and disadvantages ofusing social media as a tool for the growth of the organization and it has also become a fact thatin some cases social media leads the organization in various adverse situations where thereputation of that specific organization gets done and dusted.Evaluation of what I have learntIn the learning process, while doing the business research, primary and secondary sourceswere taken to collect the data, aiming to develop a better understanding of the various aspects ofthis research. For the completion of the research work the data were analysed in an appropriatemanner making an action plan to notice various activities related to the research program. Thusin my opinion, the learning process was brilliant and the objectives behind the learning has beenrightly met and in the concluding part all the raised questions were answered and thus it cansurely be said that the learning method was immensely successful (Trainor et al. 2014).
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