Assignment 5 Federal Codes and Session Laws, Total Points: 40

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Assignment 5 Federal Codes and Session Laws, Total Points:40 ptsNAME____________________ SECTION ______________ DATE__________Please do not remove USCA, USCS, and U.S. Statute at Large from the Reading Room.Hypo: A branch of First Bank in Richmond, Virginia, was burglarized twice last year. First Bankasked all the employees of that branch to take a lie detector test. Roger Smith failed the test andwas fired. He comes to your office to ask if there are any federal statutes protecting his right.1.List at least three most relevant keywords (3 pts)2.a. Use the index of the USCA or USCS (if others are using the hardcopy, you may use USCAor USCS database on Westlaw Next/Lexis Advance by running keyword searches) to find thetitle and section of the code to answer the following question. What are the code title andsection, and the popular name of the act governing our issue? (3pt.)b.Answer the question to the Hypo (2 pts):c.If First Bank violates the federal law, how much may First Bank be fined? (2 pt.)d.Provide the citation to the federal act and code section in Bluebook format. Note: in theBluebook, use Rule 12 and Table T.1. (4 pts)In your research you will seldom if ever use the official U.S. code because it is not current anddoes not contain annotations. Therefore to answer Questions 3-7, use the two annotated codes,USCA and USCS , of the code section you found in question 1. Please be sure to check thepocket parts and the supplementary pamphlets for possible updates if you use the print version ofUSCA or USCS.
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