Assignment 7.1 Case Study.

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Principles of MarketingAssignmentsAssignment 7.1 Case StudyChris Smith is the Purchasing Director for a large chain of hospitals in the southeast of theUS. Chris’ job responsibilities include everything from purchasing office supplies to highend medical equipment like MRI machines and surgical equipment. Chris is also active inher local university and likes to hire new, young graduates to work in the department.She prides herself on being a tough interviewer. She has found out that many peoplepursue a career in purchasing but do not have a good understanding of the basics. In thelast few years she had to fire several new hires because they did not have the specificknowledge in order to succeed.Therefore, as part of the interview process Chris discusses the different types ofpurchasing that are done by the hospital. She asks the applicants to apply what they havelearned in business school to the hospital’s specific purchasing areas. She tells them thatshe knows that they will not have intimate first-hand knowledge yet of what goes on in thehospital but she does expect them to be able to apply the academic terminology to thehospital setting and come up with ‘good guesses’ for how things work.She tells each applicant that the hospital makes three types of purchases:1.Office supplies and routine purchases2.Small medical items like bandages, scissors, tape, etc3.Large scale medical purchases like new XRay and MRI machinesAs part of the analysis that each applicant is asked to prepare, Chris asks for the followingsections to be addressed:1.Demand – speculate on derived, inelastic, fluctuating and joint demand situationsfor each of the hospital’s three types of purchases.2.Rebuy – consider straight, modified, and new for each of the hospital’s three typesof purchases.3.Buying center – speculate on who is part of the buying center (HINT: Chris looks tosee how the make up of the buying center changes depending on what is beingconsidered for purchase. Speculate on the members for each of the three types ofpurchases).4.The B2B decision making process. (HINT: Chris looks to see that the applicantunderstands the differences between consumers making decisions about what tobuy and businesses making decisions about what to buy so you might want tocompare and contrast the B2B and consumers).Principles of MarketingAssignment Lesson 07, V2.4 Page1of19/21/2019© 2012 Pearson Education
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