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7304MED HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS - READING LOG TEMPLATEStudent Name:Student Number:CriterionResponse to CriterionCorrectCitation (inAPA6 format)Picco, L., Achilla, E., Abdin, E., Chong, S. A., Vaingankar, J.A., McCrone, P., & Prince, M. (2016). Economic burden ofmultimorbidity among older adults: impact on healthcareand societal costs.BMC health services research,Vol:16(1), pp: 173, doi:10.1186/s12913-016-1421-7.https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4862090/What is themain thesis ofthe paperThe thesis states that multimorbidity in Singapore posesan economic burden to society and healthcare systems.Whatmethodologyand methodwas used andare the mainfindings of thework?A single phase, cross sectional survey was carried outamong 2565 Singapore residents aged>60 years. Careclassified into direct, intermediate, long term, indirectand social. Costs calculated and generalized linearmodels used.Multimorbidity was 51.5% and requiredmore societal and healthcare resources.How are youassured ofaccuracywithin thepaperData for this article obtained from Well-being of theSingapore Elderly (WiSE) study. Healthcare utilizationinformation obtained from Client Service ReceiptInventory (CSRI).How are youassured ofReliability ofthemeasurementsused in thepaperStatistically significant differences were obtained with apvalue less than 0.05 using two tailed t-test.
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