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Assignment 8(Part A)DATEPARTICULARSDEBITAMOUNT($)CREDIT AMOUNT($)October 2Cash - Capital 50005000October 8Supplies - Accounts Payable100100October 10Salaries- Cash 700700October15Accounts Payable- Cash100100October 21Telephone Expenses-Outstanding Telephone Expenses 3030TOTAL59305930(Part B)DATEPARTICULARSP.RDEBITCREDIT
AMOUNT($)AMOUNT($)(a)Accounts Receivable-Sales (Being fees earned but not yet received)70007000(b)Equipment -Cash-Creditor for Equipment(Being equipment purchased partially incash and credit)450002000025000(c)Rent expense-Cash(Being rent paid for the month of January) 30003000(d)Supplies-Accounts Payable(Being supplies purchased on account)25002500(e)Cash -A. Allen’s Capital(Being investment made in the company)10001000(f)Cash-Accounts Receivable(Being cash received for fees earned previously)70007000(g)Accounts Payable-Cash12001200

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