The Christian Vision on Healing

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Assignment 9:1
Christian vision on healing:The Christian vision on healing indicates that the healing is actually considered as a gift from theGod to an individual. The vision also states that it is the will of God. As per the philosophy, theGod had not created sickness although he can save the human beings from getting affected by thesickness (Schumm & Stoltzfus, 2007). According to the Christian belief, the God heals the wholeperson, not the body only, but the mind and spirit also (Gibson, 2015). The healing in theChristianity is believed to be a visible as well as the tangible sign of the Kingdom of God. Therole of Church is important in the process of healing. The Christianity beliefs state that Jesus hasordered his ministry and he also modeled the process of praying for healing (Murrayet al.2018).The healing is done by the Holy Spirit. The faith says that every Christian is able to pray forhealing. Additionally, the Christians have the same love, authority and power as Jesus had.However, the Christians also believe that the healing process is a mystery. Every health issuethat a an individual is having may not appear to be healed, but some positive outcomes arealways observed when an individual opts for prayer. The Christian faith of healing also indicatesthat the individuals need to pray only and then they should leave the result upto God.From the discussion on the Christian belief of healing, it is evident that prayer is given with thehigh importance for getting rid of the sickness. However, the Christian belief has not mentionedthat the patients cannot undergo any other medical intervention for getting healed. Instead offocusing on the particular health issues, in case of the Christian concept, the healing is focusedon overall improvement of the individual. In the current case, family of the patient has ceased alltypes of medical intervention and focused on prayer only for healing their son. Due to theinterruption in the treatment, health condition of the patient degraded significantly. It ca be statedthat family of the patient has misinterpreted the actual concept and so, they took wrong decision.Allowing Mike to make further decision:The discussion on case study indicates that Mike, father of the patient had taken a wrongdecision and it caused deterioration in the condition of the patient. Because of the degradedsituation, the medical intervention needed to start again and the situation has become morecomplex. However , this time also, family of the patient was not sure about the next step they2
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