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Assignment 9thEXECUTIVE SUMMARY.The purpose of the program is to raise the concern towards the improvement of older person'squality towards life. Science is in to offering the best hope for improving the older person'squality towards life. For the reduction in disability and also the reduction in dependency whichare quite a common thing of old age, and also towards the reduction of burdens which arethrusted upon health care institutions due to their constraints in limits, this report is createdtowards the grant of fund. Hence it can be conceived that this Executive Summary is intended forthe aging class of people, and thus they are the target audience.The benefits of the program or project is in lowering vulnerability towards disability of olderclass of people, with dementia, which are increasing at a faster rate. Although, the lifeexpectancy of the average Americans is on the rise, but at the same time, there is also a majoritygroup who are advancing vigorously towards the old age. This has become an area of concern fornot only the older people but also the families of them who are concerned about the attacheddisability or that of dementia and most importantly the loss of independence[ CITATIONMan85 \l 1033 ].It has been highlighted that this aging will definitely challenge and not only tothe political systems, but also the retirement, and also the social service systems. So, it can becomprehended that, the aging problem is creating risks in the area of health care. Hence, there isan urgent need which cannot be underscored since the figures from census depicts that, olderpersons are considered to be most vulnerable towards disability and also dementia, and thisvulnerability is increasing at a faster rate, thus it is evident that, the disabled older persons’ carewill only increase in days to come, unless the reasons which are causing disability are identifiedand controlled[ CITATION Sch90 \l 1033 ].It is conceived that, there is a need for controllingthe acute and chronic illness in old age, which are majorly causing disability and suffering, sothis report aims at not merely extending life but finding ways towards the enhancement of it[ CITATION Hag83 \l 1033 ].The basis upon which the program or project will be evaluated is on the two reports produced bythe[ CITATION Nat78 \l 1033 ], and[ CITATION Nat82 \l 1033 ],hence, this report is aimed atidentifying the priority research on aging which were done on the biomedical science, or theclinical science, and also the behavioral science including social studies relating to health, andalso including the health services delivery, and by considering the biomedical ethics, so that theresearch can be done on the on aging which will then contribute towards the quality of life andmaximize the independence of older persons.According[ CITATION Sch90 \l 1033 ], the costof health care for older persons is on the riseand is growing rapidly.[ CITATION Sch90 \l 1033 ], highlighted that, during1987 the cost forproviding health care for elderly patients was $162 billion[ CITATION Nat88 \l 1033 ]whichwas the increased number in a decade[ CITATION Wal89 \l 1033 ].Again, the Medicare costs
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