Assignment on Abnormal Psychology

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Running head: ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGYAbnormal psychologyName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGYMental illness as defined by American Psychiatric Association is heath condition thatincludes alterations in thinking, behavior or emotion or can be a blend of all three of these(American Psychiatric Association, 2013).However, mental illnesses are mainly related todistress along with issues in functioning the activities related to social, work as well asfamily. Mental disorders involve a variety of issues that may be anxiety disorders, depression,mood disorders, personality as well as psychotic disorders. However, it has been found thatthere are many causes of mental disorder among which the major role is played by genes aswell as family history. There are also some other factors that contribute to mental disorders inan individual and they are as daily life experiences, biological factors and traumatic injury inthe brain. Moreover, at time of pregnancy if the mother is exposed to viruses or any kind oftoxic chemical then that can increase the risk of the baby. Use of drugs as well as having asevere medical condition can also contribute in causing mental disorders. However, this essayis about how it is to experience mental disorders, about the internal experience one hasdealing with mental disorder and how it affects interaction with others along with finding outthe reason that why bringing any kind of changes it hard with those with mental disorders.Lastly, the feeling of experiencing Schizophrenia is also discussed.It is often seen that major mental disorders seldom appear unexpectedly. It is oftenseen that family, friends, teachers, close associates or the individual himself began to realizesmall changes in them or surrounded by a feeling that something is wrong in their thinking,feeling as well as behavior (Cuthbert & Insel, 2013). There can be signs of early warnings inindividuals where they can experience the following signs and symptoms-People lose interest in others and thus, socially withdraw themselvesDifficulty in performing daily functioning at school, work or family tasksDifficulty in concentrating, memory, logical thinking and speechHyper sensitivity
2ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGYLoss of interest or desire in participating in any activityThere is always a sense of being disconnected from people around as well as fromoneselfUnexplained fear or suspiciousness of othersDisturbed sleep and changes in the appetite or there may be decrease in the personalcareUnexpected drastic mood swingsTherefore, an individual suffering with any mental disorder may feel more than two ofthese symptoms for a continuous period of time for which their ability to do their personal,profession or daily tasks are getting affected then it is time that they must consult a mentalillness professional (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).Mental disorder highly disturbs interactions with others and has huge implications in thesociety. People suffering with any kind of mental disorders face social isolation, which isvery popular for a very long time to have triggered the mental illnesses. People suffering withmental disorders are found to have isolated themselves from the society and maximum of thetime are found to avoid any kind of public gatherings. However, in mental disorders supportfrom friends, family and neighbors are very much beneficial for both the individual and thepopulation. It is difficult for people to interact with others while suffering a mental disorder,like for instance if one is suffering from depression then that person might not feel likeinteracting with others neither in family nor in work (Lin, Dean & Ensel, 2013). Then if aperson is suffering from anxiety disorder then the worry and stress all the time will limit hisinteractions as well as will hamper their work. People with mental disorders mainly want tostay alone as they find it very difficult to being along with others as they feel they will judgethem for their illness. To run away from the stigmatization people with mental disordersmainly withdraw themselves from their family members as well as colleagues.
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