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Assignment | Amazon E-Business

Added on - 23 Mar 2020

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Student’s Last Name2Online retailAmazonAmazon is an e-commerce company. Its headquarters is in Seattle, Washington. AmazonCompany was founded in 1994 and is now 23years old. Due to Amazons advance in technology,it rates as the largest online retailer in the world by their total sales and capitalization of itsmarket. The organization operates in the online shopping industry and offers its servicesworldwide (Laudon and Trever, 2013, pp. 22). The online company deals in Amazon Appstore,Echo, Kindle, web services, and Comixology as its products. Amazon's official website isAmazon. Com. However, it has a separate retail site for countries based at such as Australia withits website as Amazon offers product shipping to other nations.Currently, Amazon has made plans to purchase a whole foods market by the end of theyear. This purchase will be a great challenge to physical stores. Amazon owns over fortysubsidiaries. Some of the product lines available at Amazon include consumer electronics,beauty products, groceries, health and personal care items, apparel, and baby products. Amazongives its users a platform to write their reviews and rate the products on a scale of one to five onthe page of each product. Users buying books can use the Amazon's “search inside the book”feature that allows a search for keywords.Goh, NG, Wong, and Chong, (2017) argues that efficiency of the online delivery serviceshas been greatly influenced by the revolution of technology and now customers can order fordeliveries directly from their phones. Customer’s preferences have also changed as mostshopping is now done online with fewer efforts and less cost needed. The article is relevant tothis assignment because bricks and mortar are facing competition from the growing online retail
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