Assignment Assessment and Decision Analysis.

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Running Head: AssignmentAssessment and Decision AnalysisAssignmentAssessment and Decision Analysis
1Choose a process, system, design or facility that you deal with in your field of study thatcan be the subject of a risk analysis. Provide a description of the item you have chosen.Identify 3 hazards associated with your choice, and suggest possiblescenarios/consequences on how they can lead to an accident. Describe two ways inwhich this can be mitigated. What protection has been created by the government forthe public against hazards such as the ones you have selected (e.g., laws, regulations,standards)?Risk analysis is regarded as the science dealing with risks, their probability and evaluation(Aven, 2015). The process of Risk management, carried out for each project, is a part of riskanalysis. Risk happens when a person is subjected to hazardous situations that could lead toinjury and serious health issue. In this assignment, we would discuss the mining operationsparticularly coal mining. In the coal mining, the explosives are used to break the surfacerocks of the mining area till the coal seam is exposed. Once it is exposed it is drilled andmined in shreds. Such mining operations have its own hazards associated with it likehandling explosives, explosive storage and fly rocks. These possible hazards could lead todisasters (Paithankar, 2011).Firstly, due to methane or consecutive coal dust explosions.Methane is an explosive gas found trapped within coal layers, improper implementation ofexplosives could lead to explosions. These types of explosions are the biggest cause ofmining disasters. The second possible scenario that can cause disaster is blasting relatedaccidents such as by fly rocks, misfires and mine induced seismicity. Most explosions relatedcasualties or injuries are caused to the miners near to explosion site as they are high chancesthat they can be struck by flying rock due to the explosion. Secondly, explosions causeinstability of slope in mining region could lead to landslide and such events trap the minersinside the mines (Bajpayee et al., 2004). These accidents can be mitigated by proper blastdesign and pre-drilling inspection. Blast designer optimizes the reasonable balance in

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