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Assignment. Assessment Type: Case Study – 2300 – 2500 w

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AssignmentAssessment Type: Case Study – 2300 – 2500 word reportDue date: 13th April 2017Task Details: After selecting and reading a case study of your choice (found in the set text), prepare a 2300 – 2500 word report, executive summary (not compulsory), table of contents, body (sub headings of questions answered, conclusions and recommendations, analysing the issues in the case. Identify logistics management strategies that enabled the company to become successful or otherwise, as it could be an example of a failed company. You should also consider the questions which appear in a text box and labeled “QUESTIONS” located near the case study. The questions are relevant to the case study and you may incorporate answering them into your report. In your report you need to consider: 1. The fundamental reasons for success, with a comparison to another successful and an unsuccessful company? 2. How can the company maintain its competitive advantage? 3. Could this be suitable for other companies and if so explain why, if not explain why? 4. Discuss the concept of sustainability and its relevance to the company featured in the case study.Research
Assignment. Assessment Type: Case Study – 2300 – 2500 w_1

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