Comparative Study of Employee Morale and Productivity


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Assignment1IntroductionThe concept of Employee morale and productivity is often used in the business world,due to itsimportance in the organizations, and in relation to that many articles has been published onseveral websites discussing the issue. In this comparative study, we will make a discussion ontwo different articles published on two different websites on the issue of employee morale andproductivity. The sites are chron.com("Employee Morale Issues," 2017) and Xen.com.("Company Culture, Morale, and Productivity," 2017) Comparison of websitesIn terms of presentation of articles, both the websites are having some similarities anddissimilarities in terms of the concept of authority, accuracy, appropriateness, and objectivity.Chron.com : this website focuses on the employee morale issues that are faced by theorganization on day to day basis. The article that has been published on the website is based onthe evidence of polling information and surveys from the managers. The articles that have beenpublished on the website are based on the thoughts of corporate executives on the basis of latesttrends in the organization. ("Employee Morale Issues," 2017Xen.com: this website is also focusing on the morale and productivity of an employee in terms ofgood company culture. ("Company Culture, Morale, and Productivity," 2017) The articles thathave been published on the site will be based on the previous studies on the topic and the surveyconducted on the employees in an organization.Similarities and differences in the websites
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