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ASSIGNMENTExecutive summaryAdobe was founded in 1982 by J. Warnock and Geschke. Adobe is bringing a change in the world by providing digital experience. The document, creative and marketing solutions accredit everyone from the surface artists to the brands of global in order to catalyze the digital creations and provide them to the right person at the best time to get the desired results. The company usesdocument cloud, creative cloud, and marketing cloud in order to deliver best solutions to the clients. But the company is facing some issues in order to grow and expand and is unable to return the value to the shareholders. The main issue will be discussed in the report further, the causes of the issue ("Adobe: Creative, Marketing And Document Management Solutions" 2016).Further, the decision criteria will be developed in order to select the best alternative from the given alternatives by qualitative alternatives that includes competitive advantage, ease of implementation, ethics, flexibility and availability of resources and capabilities and quantitative alternatives includes profit, cost, return on investment, market share and cash flow. Further, the desired solutions will be recommended in the report then the implications and implementations of the solutions with the realistic suggestions will be given at the end of the report.IssueThe issue of the Adobe South East Asia is the captured market. The company wants to return the shareholder's value as the other successful companies. But the company is not growing because of the captured market and the managing director of the South East Asia Adobe, Stephen Hamill,believed that this issue is even bigger than expected. The company is facing this issue from the last 20 years and the ethical issue is lack of integrity and trust between the Adobe and customers because the customers are not getting the best solutions according to their desire. The technology which the company used to overcome the main issue of captured market gave more rise to this ethical issue which is impacting the decision making process of the Adobe as well. The managing director is worried that how the company will shape up because they are continuously failing in order to eradicate this problem. The company is incurring huge losses by implementing various solutions in order to overcome this issue.CausesAs the problem was bigger than expected, the Adobe used the buyer technology for the saturated market in order to provide solutions to the customers. As the digitization of content, information 1

ASSIGNMENTis modifying the process of buying technology. It is a costly affair to get access to the software. The company failed in this as the people were not able to use the technology because they were not able to afford it or they didn't want to use it. The company spent a huge amount in bringing the software of buyer technology to the market. But the company failed in doing this, and this gave more rise to the problem of captured market. The people who were buying the software were not able to access it because of the technicality in the software. The company was doing every possible thing to overcome the issue but whatever they were doing that was impacting the company negatively and gave more rise to the issue of captured market. AlternativesAdobe should understand their customers before developing and implementing any strategy. Instead of using buyer technology, the Adobe should have used another strategy in order to overcome the issue of captured market. Some of the alternatives are as follows:Real time data integrationThe Adobe should start using the real time data integration as the company will be able to streamline the data sharing of the video to the customers in a wide variety which will also help the Adobe to improve the operations of the business. This will help in delivering the data of largevolumes to the customer. People who will be sharing the data will be able to control the sharing of video based on the desired triggers (Gal, Avigdor 2015).Metrics of the quality of experienceThis will help in knowing the impact of the quality engagement, time which will be spent, etc.(Nguyen et al., 2012). This will help in getting a clear vision in order to view the videos, and thiswill also help in collecting the data which will occur due to buffering, the errors will be easily identified and eradicated (Balachandran et al., 2012). Metrics of the quality of experience will help in developing the higher engagement of the viewers. The problem of captured market wouldnot have occurred which is troubling the Adobe from past 20 years. As the market is saturated, the metrics of the quality of experience will help in engaging the customers at a fair cost.Enhancement to acquisition tracking of mobile app2

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