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Privacy-Related Matrix: Ethics Values for Different Stakeholders

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Added on  2019-09-30

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This article discusses the privacy issues raised by social media platforms and the impact of sharing confidential information on users. It also presents an ethical dilemma matrix that shows various ethics values for different types of stakeholders involved.
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Assignment B1: Privacy-Related Matrix
Privacy-Related Matrix: Ethics Values for Different Stakeholders_1
In the today’s digital world, the use of social media has been increasing tremendously and peopleare sharing their information through social media platforms with each others. There are various privacy issues which are raised by public authority for social media platforms. The confidential information of the companies is shared by social media platforms which includes marketing and advertisements publishing due to which people are concerned about this particular issue (Goldman, 2007). However there are various government regulations which need to be followed related to the privacy policies and regulations but the sharing of confidential information by social media platforms impacts on the users which make them unhappy so it is difficult to accept,perception of public related to the privacy and security in the post snowden era.I have chosen one of my personal experiences with my colleague, one day when in forget to log off my computer then there were cookies and cache that I didn’t clear so he get my personal photographs and shared with other colleagues without letting me know. Due to which I felt very bad and embarrassed. Additionally, social media provides access to the information to other websites which I observed when I started getting calls from the similar companies within ten days. The following matrix has shown various ethics values for different types of stakeholders involved, (PUBLIC PERCEPTIONS OF PRIVACY AND SECURITY IN THE POST-SNOWDEN ERA, 2014):Ethical dilemma matrix:ETHICAL DILEMMA
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