Contemporary Issues in Organisations: Assignment

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Assignment Brief: 1Contemporary Issues in OrganisationsUnit title826Z1604Assignment titleAssignment 1Unit LeaderCarrianne WallaceSubmission date28.11.16Feedback 9.1.17SubmissionInstructionsPlease submit a copy of the assignment together with an assessment frontsheet (available on Moodle) online via the unit Moodle site. Please note theabsolute deadline is 12midnight.Learningoutcomes testedin this assignment- see unitspecification onMoodleL01 Have an awareness of contemporary issues in business & management.LO3 Identify relevant knowledge and theory to promote understanding ofbusiness & management issues.AoL Traits ( ifrelevant)AOLPLOPITraitOur graduates will apply criticalthinking to practical and theoreticalproblems11.11.1.1,,1.1.4Our graduates will be effectivecommunicators using aarange ofmedia22.12.1.1., graduate will demonstrateprofessional and commercialAwareness44.24.2.1.,4.2.2.Our graduates will develop subjectspecific knowledge and skills in theirprogramme discipline., 5.1.2Please see the respective Assurance of learning Criteria available on theProgramme Moodle site.Task details andinstructionsOn the 23rdJune 2016 the British Public voted to exit the European Union(Brexit). Some business analysts have suggested that Brexit is a backlashagainst Globalisation with Grant (2016) suggesting...“Brexit is a momentous event in the history of Europe and from now on thenarrative will be one ofdisintegrationnotintegration.”Your company – ‘ Consultancy in Business Management’ has been asked toprovide a report on the key implications of UK Brexit with a focus on acomparativecritical review ofoneTWO ofthe following areas foroneUKbased business (Agreed with tutor) ;
1.Cross cultural management2.Innovation and creativity3.Networking and communities of practice.4.The management of labour and working conditions.Your report should include definitions and critical comments with reference tothe business press, news websites, articles and blogs from political andeconomic commentators alongside pertinent journal articles and key readingsources (see reading list)For example:, Peter, c2011,Global shift: mapping the changing contours of the worldeconomy(ELECTRONIC)MMU Business Studies Tutorials (Reading / Critical Thinking/ Referencing /Avoiding plagiarism )AssessmentcriteriaSee MMU standard descriptors attachedGuidance on sizeof submissionThe word count for this report is 3000 words.This assignment is weighted at 50%.Penalties foroverlongsubmissionsThere is no specific penalty for an overlong submission but themarkers will only consider work up to the agreed upper limit of size(+10%). Appendices, figures, models and reference list are not includedin the size limitincluding.executive summary including tables.SupportandFeedbackFormal feedback in the class as indicated by the feedback date. Annotations onsubmitted work and, individual face to face feedback on request viaappointment.If you have any queries about the assignment please for Exceptional Factors (EFAPs) should be discussed with yourpersonal tutor or programme leader.
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