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Assignment briefPrepare a report comparing the retail strategy and implementationof two retailers with a UK presence competing in the same marketsector (based on both desk research and store visits) in the lightof the competitive environment.Format:- Should be in a report format with an introductionWord limit:- 3000Two retailers:- Tesco- WaitroseReferences:6Guidance on the Assignment briefTwo retailersEach student will select the two companies they wish to investigate and analyse.Tescos and Waitrose, UK. UK presenceEach company should be a multi-store retailer brand (chain) although they do notneed to be public companies, UK owned or national chains they should have apresence of three or more sites in London.Same market sectorThe pair of stores to be analysed is subject to seminar leader’s agreement (if in doubtdiscuss this with your seminar leader). (Based on both desk research and store visits)Research should be broad and deep. Read retail theory, sector and company information and observe stores. Your report should have at least 6 academic references, beyond the references to other secondary sources magazines, newspaper articles, and journals, online.Evaluate the retailers’ retail strategy and implementation in the light ofthe competitive environmentYouranalysisshouldfocusonthefollowing:
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