Assignment brief December 2016.

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Assignment brief December 2016You are required to research, via primary data collection, an operation to identifyhow it competes in its market, specifically what are the performance objectivesthat they pursue? This must be presented with reference to academic material,fully referenced, from the module.Once the performance objectives have been identified, from your primaryresearch information, how does the operation maintain the desired level ofperformance? Provide substantial evidence identifying process control methodsthat are successful and less successfully employed. This will be an exploration ofacademic theory in practice and you must reference the theories being explored;that is, those being used to aid your understanding.Could control be improved? If so how? This element requires you to considerkey topic/s from the module to explain where and how the operation couldprevent performance slippage.EXAMPLE OF INTERVIEW QUESTION AND ANSWERS (PART B)Interview with Martin Taylor, Regional Sales Manager at HPC Compressed AirSystems.Interviewer: Focusing upon performance objectives of Speed, Quality,Flexibility, Dependability and Price, what does HPC perform on in theiroperations?Interviewee:HPC products have a high capital investment and so HPC focus on qualityin their operations. We adopt a Quality Management Systems so we align our products tocustomer and regulatory requirements. The system increases customer satisfactionthrough the high focus upon quality within operations. It is important for HPC to providea product that is free of errors and conforms to standards set. We also maintain qualitystandards through focusing on customer needs through holding regular meetings andproduct reviews to provide air compressor units which are able to meet a setspecification. We also provide quality through after sales service with strategies such as;the installation process, total care servicing and end of life replacementInterviewer: What is your other performance objective?Interviewee: Dependability and completing installation on time is one of the objectiveswe compete on at HPC. It is fundamental to ensure the installation of units is on time,along with maintenance checks. We have Ethernet connections set up within machineswhich sends warning signals to Head Office and the customer if the machine requires
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