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Lecture Assessment 1Knowledge Test and Case Study Unit: BSBREL401 Establish networksQualification:BSB42615 Certificate IV in New Small Business BSB42618 Certificate IV in New Small BusinessTrainingPackageBSB Business Services Due dateWeek 4Assessment Type: Knowledge Test and CaseStudyStudent Name:StudentNo:By submitting this Assessment I acknowledge my understanding of plagiarism PlagiarismAll work must be done individually. Copied work will not be accepted and couldlead to an “academic non-performance” rating. Plagiarism by a student willresult in an automatic ‘NYS’, and as well as being recorded, may result infurther disciplinary action such as a student’s exclusion from a course.Plagiarism is presenting and using someone else’s work, writings or ideas asyour own with or without their consent. V2019.1/tmp/tmp41acai4cBSBREL401-L1-V20191doc-2371doc-2373.docPage 1 of 21RTO 90982CRICOS 02599C

Assessment submission rules and conditionsI have read and agree to the assessment guidelines conditions below. 1.The purpose of this activity is to assess your knowledge and skills of the unit.2.If you have any considerations that may affect your performance in theassessment please inform your assessor immediately. Your assessor willprovide you with a suitable alternative to complete this assessment.3.To gain competency for this assessment, demonstrate competency in activitytasks by the due date.4.Student downloads the assessment through Moodle.5.Student completes the assessment cover page ensuring they have writtentheir name and student number. Online submission opens one week prior tothe due week and cut off date is set on Saturday at 11:55pm in the week ofdue date. 6.In case of late submission, the student is only able to submit the assessmentwith permission. The Student is first required to see student services andmake late submission fee payment before submitting the assessment afterdue date. The student service officer issues the receipt and student isrequired to see their Trainer to submit the assessment. The trainer will grantan extension on Moodle for the student to re-submit their assessment. 7.The student will receive results within 2 weeks from the due week, resulting ina determination of Satisfactory (S) or Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS) for the taskand this result will be displayed on Moodle. 8.In case of ‘NYS’ (not yet satisfactory) result of the assessment, the student isgiven an opportunity to re-attempt and submit the assessment by an agreeddate with their assessor or as soon as possible within the duration of the unit.The trainer will grant extension on Moodle for the student to re-submit theirassessment, cut off date of re-submission is Saturday at 11:55pm in week 8.Re-attempted assessments submitted during the term will not incur penalty. 9.The re-attempted work must address the specific performance tasks beyonddoubt for the assessor to issue a satisfactory (S) result. The system allows theV2019.1/tmp/tmp41acai4cBSBREL401-L1-V20191doc-2371doc-2373.docPage 2 of 21

student to re-attempt online twice within the duration of the unit. TheStudent is required to meet their assessor before submitting the third re-attempt. The assessor will grant extension manually only by request. A repeatNYS outcome could lead to an administration fee. 10.Any re-submission or late submission occurring during week 8, the student isrequired to see their trainer before submitting the late or re-assessment. Thetrainer will grant an extension on Moodle by request only and the submissionwill be closed on Saturday at 11:55pm in week 8. 11.Any re-submission or late submission occurring during week 9, the student isrequired to see their trainer before submitting the late or re-assessment. Thetrainer will grant extension on Moodle by request only for 15 minutes.Therefore students should be ready to submit their assessment before goingto see the trainer. 12.All work must be done individually. Copied work will not be accepted andcould lead to an academic "non-performance” rating. See below aboutPlagiarism. PlagiarismPlagiarism by a student will result in an automatic ‘NYS’, and as well as beingrecorded, may result in further disciplinary action such as a student’sexclusion from a course. Plagiarism is presenting and using someone else’swork, writings or ideas as your own with or without their consent. Some examples of plagiarism as followsPresenting work by another individual as one’s own unintentionally Handing in assessments markedly similar to or copied from anotherstudent Handing in assessments without the sufficient acknowledgement ofsources used, including assessments taken totally or in part from theInternet13.Appeal process - If you feel the decision made by your assessor was incorrectplease refer to your Student Handbook for information on assessment appealsfor the required steps to appeal this decision. Download the assessment youwant to appeal and complete the appeal box in Feedback Evaluation Sheet bysigning as to whether you wish to appeal. You are required to hand the hardcopy in to student services. Submission requirements If an assessment is not submitted in accordance with the submissionrequirements then it will be deemed as being non-compliant. Non-compliantsubmissions result in pending on being marked and /or recorded NYS.V2019.1/tmp/tmp41acai4cBSBREL401-L1-V20191doc-2371doc-2373.docPage 3 of 21

All submissions must be done by PDF file. The Student is required toconvert word file assessments, PowerPoint presentation and otherattachments to PDF before submitting unless the evidence is required tosubmit its original format (eg. word or excel). The first page in the file must be cover page. Both the cover page mustcontain student name and student number. The Student is allowed by default to upload up to five documents on eachsubmission. You must upload each file separately. You must not upload zipfile. Submissions from overseas are not allowed as students are required to bein Australia to attend their regular classes. Late submissionLate submission arises in two cases.1.Student does not submit the assessment in time because of their ownfault. In this case, the student is required to make late submission fee of$50 before submitting the assessment after the due date. 2.Student has approved leave. In this case, the student is exempted fromthe late submission fee payment. The student is required to show theirdeferment approval letter from the college to their trainer. The trainer willre-open the submission on Moodle for the student. I have read and agree to the assessment guideline conditions above.The purpose of this assessment is to assess your knowledge inaccordance with, and as a part of the requirements involved inEstablishing Networks. You are required to answer all knowledge test questions and casestudy.Knowledge TestV2019.1/tmp/tmp41acai4cBSBREL401-L1-V20191doc-2371doc-2373.docPage 4 of 21

1.List and describe strategies for establishing and maintaining businessrelationships.There are various strategies that allows the business to establish and manage their business relationships. These strategies is important as it allows the businesses to generate positive relationships with its partners and customers. The strategies that can be used to manage such relationships are:Trust and goodwill- this is the most important factor that needs to be developed to promote a positive relationship with the customers and suppliers and also with the partners. By building trust and respect the business I able to identify the opportunities they have by managing regular contacts with the customers and other partners. Alignment- this is yet another strategies that allows the business to align the values and ethics of the business with the employees and with business partners. This helps the business to develop a positive reputationin front of the business partners and the stakeholders. Thus, it is importantto enter into a relationship with a set of values in the business (Blut et al., 2016). Commitment- this strategy helps in establishing and managing a long termrelationship with the business partners rather than just managing one-off transaction. Communication- clear and frequent communication with the business partners and stakeholders also plays an important role in understanding V2019.1/tmp/tmp41acai4cBSBREL401-L1-V20191doc-2371doc-2373.docPage 5 of 21

the position of the partners and thus helps in developing a successful and close relationship (Lussier, Grégoire & Vachon, 2017). 2.Briefly describe the process of network mapping and identify networkopportunities. Network mapping is a process that is used by the business to discoverphysical and virtual network connectivity with the help of network map suchas flow charts. Network diagrams and others. Network mapping system useactive probing method that helps in gathering network data that helps inturning the return information to the mapping system along with an IPaddress (McFaul, 2016). There are various network opportunities such as casual contact networks,strong contact networks. Community service clubs, professional associationsand social media networks. The network opportunities is also seen throughfriends and families that helps in establishing a strong businessrelationships. These are known as personal contacts and social eventnetworks. In addition to this, there are other network opportunities such as businesscontacts, networking groups. Industry associations and conference andevents (Olsson et al., 2016).. Among these online networking sites are the mostuseful tools that the business uses to create networks. V2019.1/tmp/tmp41acai4cBSBREL401-L1-V20191doc-2371doc-2373.docPage 6 of 21

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