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Running head: BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONBusiness CommunicationName of the student:Name of the university:Author note
1BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONCommunication in workplace plays a very important role for productive and effectiveoperation of the organization. With effective upward and downward communication theemployees can increase their morale and commitment towards work in an organization. Thereare various strategies used for effective communication such as listening, asking questions,feedback, observation and so on (Leonardi, Huysman & Steinfield, 2013). The communicationcan take place through different media but in today’s world, social media is the most popular andwidely used among all. To find out the effectiveness of digital media in the workplace ororganization five resources have been selected for analysis of the topic.Name of the resource: Driving Employee Engagement-the Expanded Role of InternalCommunicationsType of resource: ArticleAccording to Mishra, Boynton, & Mishra, (2014), all the organizations and their specificpublic relations professionals have realized the importance of an effective internalcommunication among the employees. The fact is understood that a culture of transparency canbe built with strong internal communication between the managers and the employees. It canhelp in engaging the employees on the organizational priorities. This specific article used thedata gathered from interviewing the PROs too find out the increasing importance of internalcommunication in involving the employees. It was known from the PROs that they use a variety1of tools and methods of communication such as interpersonal meetings for interacting with theemployees. These strategies are useful in gaining trust of the employees thus making theminvolved in the organizational performance.Name of the resource: The Digital Workforce and the Workplace of the Future
2BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONType of resource: ArticleIn this article,Colbert, Yee & George, (2016) contradicted by mentioning that there is noneed to find proof of the role played by technology in the everyday lives of the people. It wasfound out in a survey conducted by Internet World Stats in 2015 that more than three billionpeople in the world use internet. This specific figure is only less than half of the total worldpopulation and the use of internet is more in developed countries. As it is mentioned in the articlethat the young generation feel most comfortable in the world of digital devices but that onlyhelps in intrapersonal communication.Name of resource: Using mobile instant messaging to leverage learner participation andtransform pedagogy at a South African University of TechnologyType of resource: ArticleRambe & Bere, (2013) have agreed to the fact that using mobile phones or digitalresources have increased the participation of younger generation but at the same has also facedacademic resistance. The instant messaging service in mobile has a negative effect on the socialbehavior of the individuals and creates distraction. This paper has argued that instant messaginghas the ability to create substitute dialogic spaces for mutual engagements among the youth. Thissystem also has the ability to transform teaching and learning via digital resources. The instantmessaging and other digital tools were adopted for the information and communicationtechnology at the institution for increasing the participation between lecturer and students andbetween the students. But there are challenges faced in this system when the Gen X get in touchwith it for merging academic and family life.
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