Assignment on Code of Conduct (COC)

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Running head: CODE OF CONDUCTCode of ConductName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note
1CODE OF CONDUCTBackground7- Eleven is a popular chain of convenience stores. The headquarters of the company islocated in the in Irving Texas. It is an international chain of hotels that operate in 56,600locations all around the world. The founder of the company is Joseph C. Thomspson Jr. TheCEO and President of the company is Joseph DePinto. The convenience stores sell a number ofproducts that include Slurpee beverage, Big Gulp beverage. Other products of the companyinclude coffee, candy, packaged food, dairy products, gasoline and beverages. As per the data of2010 almost are around 45,000 employees working at various locations of the store. Severs is thename by which the store is popular within the market or industry.MissionThe purpose and mission of 7 Eleven is to make the life of the guests easier by being for thecustomers where and whenever they need them.VisionThe vision of 7 Eleven is to be the best retailer of convenience. The store envisions inbeing the best in their product and services. With the help of their employees the store very wellknows about the scope they have to brighten up the lives of the customers who visit their store.They believe it can be achieved by simply putting up a smile in the store or by ensuring thecustomers that they provide the best and quality of the food products. The store believes that themethod by which they can achieve their vision is by listening to the needs of the customers andimproving their service quality accordingly.
2CODE OF CONDUCTThe servant culture of the management helps them realize their vision and achieve their dailymission.Code of ConductIntroduction7 Eleven is committed to helping the customers by catering to their needs and cheeringthem up with their friendly behavior. The belief of the organization is that doing the right can bequantified as success.DiscriminationThere should not be any discrimination practice within the premise of the organization.Equality should be given utmost importance. No employees or customers would be discriminatedbased on the gender, color, race or social status within the premise. It is the duty of the staffmembers that they do not discriminate their customers in any way. If a particular employeecomes first even if they are buying one item he or she should be prioritized over the othercustomers. Catering customers who buy more items and discriminating the customer who buysfew items is discrimination and it should be avoided. Employees should not determine theirservices based on their acquaintance with the customer. None of the employees should bediscriminated in the organization based on the gender, race, ethnicity or social status. All theemployees are required to be treated equally and fairly. The organization should maintain salaryparity within the organization. There should not be separate pay grades for Male and femaleemployees of the organization. Female employees holding a particular positions is entitled to getpaid equally like the male employee working in the corresponding position. There should not beany kind of bias approach in appraisal of the employees. The criteria for appraisal should always
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