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1Corporate LawName:CourseProfessor’s nameUniversity nameCity, StateDate of submission
2Part 1Registration of a Proprietary CompanyThere are several steps to consider in registration of a proprietary company. These steps are alsoguided by the company Act in sections 117, 134, 135 and 169 respectively. The internalmanagement of a company is set so that a company can be managed, run and directed in anorderly manner to avoid collapse of the company. Company registration especially proprietarycompany must be set such that all section under the company law are adhered to. A proprietor ofthe company must make sure that the guidelines under sections 117, 134, 135 and 169 are putinto consideration in the set up(Boros and Duns, 2013).The company is called Intercom Communications Ltd. Its constitution, the memorandum ofassociation and article of association will help the company in managing its internal affairsespecially in the management of the company. The company’s Board of Directors and the auditdepartment or the audit committee are solely responsible for the implementation of systems andcontrols in regards to financial reporting. Reporting is based on the commercial andadministrative processes and information that is produced by the management financial systems(Kraakman, n.d.).Section 117 of the company’s Act contains resolutions and agreements that should be filled.There should be copies or a copy of every agreement and resolution in respect to the matters thathave been specified in the statement. The section contains document for any resolution that acompany is willing to share to the shareholders(Mahaffy and Doyle, 2010). It also state thatOne director should live in AustraliaThere must be a physical address in registration
3A company secretary in the same countrySection 134/ 135 of registration of a proprietary company involves internal management of thecompany. Internal management is important so that the company can have both effective andefficient internal management systems.Section 169 suggest that the company must share a register for each class of shareAnt proprietary company must maintain a register of its class of shares. The record is called ashare register which records the shares and respective shareholders(Mason, 2009). The shareregister is important as it ;Contains the address and the name of the memberThe prescribed date of the member entry, andThe respective number of shares held by each member.INTERCOM COMMUNICATION PTY LTDACN 234 178 289NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGExplanatory Statement and Proxy FormDate of Meeting:Friday,25 March 2018
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