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Assignment Corporation Act 2001| Company Registration

Added on - 16 May 2020

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Part 1Register a Proprietary CompanyConstitutionDefinition ClauseI.The constitution is only applicable for this companyII.It will include the dividend and provisional clausesIII.The constitution is only applicable according to the Corporation Act 2001(Cth)IV.The director of the company will be elected by the other board membersV.ASIC is defined the Australian Securities and Investment CommissionVI.The member is defined the person who will be present in the company at the proxy votingprocessVII.The Preference share is defined the percentage rate, which will be decided in thecertificate share.VIII.The Prescribed rate is defined the of the overdraft loans which is calculated by theBanker of the CompanyIX.The seal is defined the general seal of the company.Interpretation ClausesI.The company will apply for the registration according to thesection 117 of theCorporation Act 2001 (Cth). The registration application will be lodge by the companyunder the ASIC.
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